Nothing has changed. The anti-semitic mentality remains; the world is temporarily shocked by the Holocaust and prosperously tolerant. French, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Croats, and Greeks were happy to help the Nazis murder Jews. The British refused to let Jewish refugees from burning Europe into Mandate Palestine. After WWII, the Russians attempted a massacre on a similar scale through planned starvation of Jews in Siberia.

The British promised Palestine to the Jews but decimated our country soon after; the British preferred a tribal Transjordanian dynasty to the Jews. In 1947, shortly after the Holocaust, the world preferred Bedouins and briganding Arab settlers to Jews and partitioned what was left of the territory promised to Jews by the Balfour Declaration. The world didn’t care about the expected annihilation of Israel in 1948, 67, or 73.

Civilized people readily relapse to cruelty. Wars are inhumane. POWs are shot. The human mentality hardly changes at all, certainly not in decades. Anti-semitism did not evaporate after 1945, states do not collaborate honestly in the UN age, and nations do not act out of goodwill.

The Jews were strong in collaboration with the Persians, assimilated and safe in Granada, close to the rulers in Poland, kept a low profile in pre-revolutionary Ukraine, and were institutionally equal in the USSR in 1953. We saw all the developments we applaud now, yet massacres followed.

Anti-semitism is alive even in America. A strong government and prosperity suppress it. Consumerism blurs nationalism and the related hatreds. Yet, anti-semitism is there even in the most tolerant country, and flares occasionally. Today some Americans are imbued with imperialist “beacon of liberty” ideals. Blacks and Mexicans remind them of national boundaries. There have been many anti-semitic movements and incidents in America. Polls show that 17% of Americans and twice as many among blacks are dedicated anti-semites; another 35% with “mildly anti-Semitic views” would join the pogrom mobs should the American situation worsen. There is little reason for US Protestants to be less anti-semitic than European Protestants. Jews are the common enemy of the WASP establishment, the black and Mexican mob, and Muslim radicals. Hating Jews is theoretically respectable; it underscores one’s European Christian roots.

Strong states generally suppress anti-semitism like any mob activity. The only way to extinguish anti-emitism is to eliminate its object, the Jews. Jewish leaders of the diaspora, comfortable there and unwilling to move to Israel, are afraid of anti-semitism and ready to sacrifice the Jews in the gas chambers of assimilation.

The Irish in America are insignificantly different. Indians are curiously different. Jews are perceived as dangerously different. Nothing short of full assimilation would satisfy anti-semites, and Nazis murdered even assimilated Christianized Jews.

Some Christians like Jews – not real Jews but idealized Jews: loving everyone, wise, and suffering. The imaginary Jews must behave like a sect of monks. Surely good Jews should not fight; in the best Christian tradition, they must bear suffering. Love or hate, the result is the same: the world prefers the Jews dead.

Ultra-hatred is the other side of the ultra-liberal coin. Add modern logistics, weapons, and technology. More Jews were murdered in the enlightened twentieth century than at any other time. Nuclear Iran need only move a finger to destroy Israel. Pacifists and other leftists sit and wait and appease the mullahs. That didn’t work with Germany, why would it work with much less civilized Iran?