“Jihad and the rifle alone: no negotiations, no conferences, no dialogs.”

-Abdullah Azzam

In more than a century since the start of the Zionist enterprise, Arabs have made no concessions while the Jews have given way continuously. Our triumphant return to the Promised Land immediately degenerated into buying land from Arabs; that’s not what Joshua ben Nun did. When the Ottomans titled unused land in the coastal plains, Arab notables, rather than Jews, got it through legal machinations; so much for the notion of Jewish lawyers and simpleton Arabs. Jews settled mostly the lowlands where there was no significant Arab presence. They drained the marshes and cultivated the sand dunes instead of claiming the land from the aborigines. Jews did not significantly protest when the British stole most of the land they guaranteed us in return for our support in WWI, and established a Jordanian princeling in two-thirds of Palestine. Jews accepted yet another partition in 1947, which created a second Palestinian state beside Jordan. The Jews won every war with Egypt, but returned Sinai, the place where Hebrews received the law which molded them into a nation, and a place of critical strategic importance to Israel. Jews prevailed in every conflict against Syria, but have now all but agreed to return the strategically indispensable Golan Heights. The Palestinians—an insignificant enemy—press Israel for sweeping concessions even while they continue to shell Jewish towns. The Arabs have not given way on a single issue.

Arabs protested the Jewish settlement of Palestine, and most Jews were unsympathetic to the Zionist idea. The Arabs always rejected the massive Jewish presence while Zionist leaders implored Arabs to stay in the Jewish state. Sadat pressed Begin to evacuate Jewish towns from Sinai; Sharon concurred then and demolished Jewish villages in Gaza years later. Arabs refuse to accept Jews in their countries, but successfully insist that swarms of Arabs be citizens of the Jewish state.

The Arabs consider the land rightfully theirs and fight for it. Smart and critical Jews reject religion and doubt their right to the land. The balance of will favors the righteous.