Why can’t the Jews hate? They are used to an oppressed state of being. Arabs act normally. Few Jews fought against the British—the anti-Zionist majority submitted to the Europeans, passive Zionists submitted to the British, and most submitted to fate. The majority lacks pride and will. They seek to substantiate their claims with blubbering about historical and religious rights. Unwilling to assert their demands and fight, Jews want Arabs to peacefully agree and allocate Israel a shred of existence.

Normal people hate those who hate them, and no other argument is required. They don’t discuss the merits and national aspirations of their enemies.

Hatred is also an escape of hopeless weakness. Unwilling to admit their own failures, people hate others. Leftist Jews know that their collaboration with enemies is immoral, and so they hate the religious Jews, who are a constant reminder of their moral bankruptcy.

Jews cannot get revenge on Arabs for the rockets, bullets, and suicide bombers. Where a limited revenge would have sufficed, great hatred brews, relegating Arabs to the status of animals and allowing them to be treated as such.

Hatred is silly, irrational—but oh so sweet. Proud people, confident of the righteousness of their demands, can hate. Jews doubt their right to exist, much less exist in a state of their own free of Arabs; faithless squeaky doubters cannot hate.

Some strong, rational natures do not hate either. They recognize Arabs as enemies to be dealt with by any means necessary. They also recognize that Arabs rationally defend their land, pride, nationalism, religion, houses, and groves; that the Arabs are not inherently antagonistic to Jews. So it has turned out that we have to kill the Arabs. That’s regrettable, but nothing to regret.