The absence of the rule of law surfaces in the highly unequal treatment of Jews and Arabs in Israel. Jews suffer two to three years’ conscription while the Arabs refuse even civil service. Jews pay the highest taxes in the world while Arabs are universally engaged in the black-market economy and pay virtually no taxes. Israel tacitly allows polygamy among Arabs: three wives out of each man’s four are treated as single mothers, and receive generous subsidies from the Jewish state. The Israeli High Court bars Jews from buying land in Arab villages, but orders Jewish villages to lease land to Arabs, including land bought by the Jewish National Fund, which was developed from marshes through private Jewish donations. Jewish families spend years trying to obtain building permits for even minor amendments to their houses while Arabs build hundreds of thousands of housing units illegally. Jews are banned and evicted from their legally purchased property in Hebron, while the Muslims squat on huge tracts of Israeli land, on which they engage in illegal construction. Even in the rare cases when courts order the demolition of such illegal buildings, the orders are almost never carried out. Arabs skip on municipal payments, and so the costs of water and electricity payable by Jews are constantly rising to cover Arab delinquencies. Israeli justice looks upon the rampaging Arab crime rate leniently. Arabs receive much shorter prison terms than Jews for similar offenses; it is a long-standing Israeli policy to slap Arabs with minimal sentences for raping Jewish women. Tax evasion by Arabs is not prosecuted at all, and Arab murderers of Jewish villagers are almost always allowed to escape to Jordan. Muslims conduct massive construction on the Temple Mount, reaching into the First Temple layer, while Jewish archeologists are banned from it. Muslims operate the huge, sparsely built Al Aqsa area, while the Israeli government prohibits Jewish Israeli citizens from praying at the Temple’s site. That’s correct: Israel is the only state in the civilized world which bans Jewish worship. Jews can pray in the Vatican but not on the Temple Mount. It is a common sight at the Temple Mount to see Israeli police watching for Jews with suspiciously moving lips (as in prayer), and dragging the offenders out.

Jews are slated for minority status in Israel. Arabs constitute “only” 19 percent of the Israeli population because of the influx of elderly Russian Jews. Arabs constitute 34 percent among the Israeli young, and that figure is rising, tempered on paper by counting only Arab citizens of Israel rather than resident aliens as well. Other non-Jews, mostly of Russian descent, are estimated to be 18 percent of the Israeli population. The Israeli government’s response? Declare more non-Jews to be Jews. The government accepts people with Jewish great-grandparents as Jews, invites pagan-turned-Christian Ethiopians whose remote ancestors were ostensibly Jewish, and steps up the simplified conversions to Judaism.

Israel needs to immediately annex about 60 percent of Judea and Samaria, which are populated by only 1percent of the Palestinian Arabs. Israeli Arabs will have to join their brethren in Jordan, allowing Israel to exist as a Jewish state. Everyone agrees that the 1948 refugees should not be allowed to return to Israel; thus everyone implicitly accepts Israel’s right to a Jewish state. If Israel could legitimately evict 600,000 Arabs in 1948, why can we not evict a slightly larger number of them now? What’s the moral difference between evicting the Arabs in 1948 and in 2008? America conceded to the expulsion of Germans from Alsace-Lorraine and to the much greater human toll inflicted by France in Indochina. America caused so much relocation of people in Vietnam and Afghanistan that doubting the Israeli right to resettle the Arabs thirty miles away is hypocritical. America annexed a third of Mexico a century and a half ago, retaliating for hostilities which paled in comparison with the Arab shelling of Sderot. Among America’s major allies, Japan grants citizenship only to ethnic Japanese, Germany encourages the return only of ethnic Germans from abroad, and the United Arab Emirates grants citizenship only to Arabs, even though Indians and Iranians have lived there for generations. Every Arab state pressed its Jews to emigrate and now bars Jews from purchasing land there. Selling real estate to Jews is a capital offense under the Palestinian Authority. Israel has every right to reciprocate and relocate her Arabs.
Would that cause some suffering? Sure, but so did the creation of every state. America caused more than a million deaths in Afghanistan, supporting the anti-Soviet insurrection for purely ideological reasons. Jews suffered more than 50,000 casualties establishing our state. The entire land is settled, and creation of a state always causes some suffering. Relocating the Arabs from Israel to create a Jewish state would make for historically minimal suffering, and Israel can even compensate the Arabs. Think of it as a case of eminent domain. If Palestine is a Palestinian state with no Jews, Israel should be a Jewish state without Palestinians. Jews moved out of all the Arab countries; now it’s the Arabs’ turn to move out of Israel.

The loyalty of Israeli Arabs is a fiction. Pragmatic Arabs tolerate Israel while the Jews give them a lot of money through infrastructure projects and direct subsidies, release them from any obligations—like paying taxes or serving in the army—and don’t interfere in the affairs of Arab communities. In fact, Israeli police don’t enter most Arab neighborhoods. Lod, a partially Arab community near Ben Gurion airport, is officially declared a hostile zone, closed to regular law enforcement; the police enter it rarely, and only in armored vehicles. Israeli Arabs in Galilee cheered from their roofs when Hezbollah’s rockets bombarded Haifa. Israeli Arabs overwhelmingly side with the PLO and vote according to the PLO’s instructions, such as for Rabin. Israeli Arabs engage in hate crimes—including hate-rape—against the Jews and exhibit mortal hostility in myriad daily interactions. An Arab taxi driver or a baker will smile at you, but will behave differently when financial remuneration is not involved. Arab members of the Knesset routinely visit enemy states such as Syria and exchange information with their officials. The PLO follows Ho Chi Min’s tactics of building a parallel society in South Vietnam. Fatah builds an Arab society in Israel parallel to the state: with its own welfare, health institutions, law-enforcement, administration, and ideology.

Smart friends counsel Israel to embrace the South African model of informal dominance. There, the white population officially accorded all democratic rights to the blacks but controls the country informally, mostly through superior economic performance. Such a scenario wouldn’t work in Israel. Moralistic Jews are not like the tough Boers, and Arabs are unlike the nice and decent South African blacks. White South Africans have mingled and intermarried with blacks for centuries, but Jewish-Muslim hostilities are still very fresh and will not cease bleeding until centuries pass. Unlike the blacks, Arabs have financing and employment independent of the economically dominant population; Arabs don’t need Jews to survive, but can thrive on money from the UN, US, EU, and Saudi Arabia. Unlike the Blacks, young Arabs are ideologically and religiously motivated, incited by other Muslims and the left. Neighboring states don’t threaten South Africa, which is an empire well integrated into the region, secure with its large territory and defensible borders.

The Israeli left originally accepted democratic rights for the Arabs because they were too few to influence Israeli politics. Leaving aside the hypocrisy of awarding rights to people unable to enjoy them, this demographic situation is no more. Arabs greatly influence Israeli voting: for example, Rabin became prime minister on Arab votes, and likewise Barak won the recent primaries. In twenty years, today’s young Arabs will grow to voting age and constitute a third of Israeli voters, by far the largest voting bloc. For how long can Jews refuse elected Arab politicians critical portfolios in the Security Cabinet, a smaller government privy to the security briefings and military decisions? Indeed, what prevents Israeli Arabs—like any other citizens of a democratic state—from claiming the Ministry of Defense portfolio? What prevents them from forming a majority coalition with ultra-left Jews and joining Israel to Jordan? Arafat, and recently Ahmadinejad, emphasized the strategy of taking over the Jewish state peacefully, democratically, through elections. Israeli Arab mothers are a more reliable weapon than Palestinian suicide bombers.

Israel’s Independence Day is Al Naqba, the day of catastrophe, for Israeli Arabs; they lost their independence when Jews got theirs. Israel features a Jewish symbol on her flag, the Star of David. Another Jewish religious symbol, the menorah, adorns all government papers. The Israel national anthem mentions Jewish, not Muslim soul. There is no comparable place for Muslim symbols in the Jewish state. Israel’s Law of Return welcomes Jewish refugees of 135 C.E. while Israel bars Arab refugees of 1948. Ethnic-blind democracy is fundamentally incompatible with being a Jewish state. Would Americans imagine calling their state White, Caucasian, or Christian? If Israel is ethnic—or religious—blind, who needs it? The Jews can live more safely in similarly ethnic-blind America or Canada. Israel is a mono-religious state on a par with the Vatican, not a huge democracy which has to be religious-blind.