[Israeli Minister of Defense Perez suggests installing Red Dawn anti-missile defense in Ashkelon.]

The true parade of perverts is taking place in the Israeli government offices, not in the streets of Jerusalem. Amir Perez, a Peace Now dwarf who leads the Israeli war effort, offers another perverted solution to Arab terrorism: the anti-missile system. He falsely claims that the system worked in Sderot; it didn’t. If Perez had been in his house in Sderot instead of the guard (maimed) he’d know that the system often gives no more than 5 to 15 seconds warning. In Ashkelon, the warning can be as much as 45 to 60 seconds in advance, meaning that people should stay at home all the time, waiting to run into the relatively secure fortified rooms. That’s the life Perez imagines for Jews in the Jewish state. The Nazis invented nothing so burdensome in the ghettos.

No decent country answers massive border attacks with passive security. The Americans annexed a third of Mexico in response to something similar, and the Russians scorched an island it disputed with China with napalm.

Perez and the Peace Now crowd want Jews to keep the Exile mentality: kneel down and crawl into another rooms while other Jews are murdered. To gather feathers from the pillows torn up by pogrom mobs, in Byalik’s terms. Perez and the leftist assimilators should know something: Jews who listened to Byalik followed Zhabotinsky.

We will not cower but will deal with our enemies. In and out of Israel.