How much would you pay for a plain golden ring? Not much. How about your wedding ring? Much more.
How much would you pay to save a child (millions of them die in Africa from malnutrition and hunger)? Zero. Your child? Everything.
How much for ramshackle real estate located among the Arabs? Nothing. East Jerusalem? Not quite everything, but the investment makes sense. The investment is safe: even if the Knesset decides to give Jerusalem to the Palestinians, the Israeli government will reimburse Jewish owners the cost of the real estate. The investment is profitable: if a Palestinian state is created without East Jerusalem, real estate prices in the Jewish city whose near-term future is suddenly settled, will soar. The investment is critically important to the Jewish nation: a Jerusalem populated by Arabs is not a Jewish capital. The investment is politically welcome: even Olmert and Jerusalem’s mayor Lupoliansky openly speak of the demographical problem in the city. Elad, a Jewish organization that buys houses from Arab in East Jerusalem, is a semi-government agency.

There is every reason to invest in East Jerusalem.

buy a piece of jewishness