Sohnut, a Jewish Agency for Israel, prides itself with helping Israeli Arabs. Self-proclaimed leaders of British Jews increased (!) the help to Arabs in order to retain the facade of Israeli democracy. That’s insane and a breach of trust. The agency is Jewish, Jew-ish, Je-wish. It exists and collects donations for furthering Jewish presence in Israel. The help is urgently needed for Jewish settlers, the Gush Katif evictees, poor Jewish families with young children, people of Sderot who suffer from Arab rocket attacks. There is no imaginable reason for the Jews to help the hostile Arabs. Psychiatrists will identify Jewish aid to Arabs as a clinical case of masochism. Jews could claim an excuse of Galut mentality, madness.

The Jewish barons are right: the unnatural help to Arabs is necessary to preserve Israel a democracy. They did not add, what kind of democracy. The exemplary Greek democracies did not imagine subsidizing resident aliens, much less – tolerating hostile aliens. Pork-eating, Sabbath-flaunting, shiksa-married Jewish “leaders” (who ever had voted for them?) want Israel made in their image. Not a Jewish state, of course. Calling them “leaders” is a defamation of Jews.

Talking of Sderot, the Knesset approved $200 million a year for those “victims of the peace process.” The amount, huge for the very poor town of hardly 20,000 people, is intended to shut up the residents, the living proof of the failure of Sharon’s disengagement from Gaza. Treacherous Israeli government could do nothing to save the inhabitants of Sderot, and bribes them to die unobtrusively.

Sohnut, Jewish Agency for Israel aids Israeli Arabs