Iraq had recovered its nuclear program from the Osiraq bombing by the first Gulf War, which surprised Western intelligence services. In vast expanses from North Korea to Venezuela, enough secret locations can be found. Pakistan, North Korea, Libya, Iran, Syria, and Egypt developed advanced nuclear programs before the West even knew about them. Technological proliferation by Pakistan and North Korea has reduced the development cycle of nuclear aspirants to a few years. Iran’s Weapons Group had very little trouble with the most complicated problem—shaping uranium into a warhead—because of Pakistani designs. Syria received an off-the-shelf plutonium reactor from North Korea. Preventing nuclearization is impossible, and an Israeli attack on Iran would only set its nuclear program back a few years. That is if it set it back at all, because Iran is buying enriched uranium from North Korea, and would only need a small lab to form it into a nuclear bomb. Besides, it can buy nuclear bombs from North Korea.

Israel must disperse its communities and economic infrastructure, and legislate the immediate destruction of all Muslim targets if attacked.

MAD deterrence would generally work even with Muslims, but there is a possibility of some Islamic nut ordering a nuclear attack on Tel Aviv, especially a terrorist nut who fears no reprisal—and indeed would welcome an Israeli reprisal against infidel governments in Arab countries.

Uprooting the ayatollahs’ regime is the most significant task because they operate a worldwide network of terror. Assassinating Rafsanjani is important—he worked on nukes even in Khomeini’s time, despite his fatwa. Instead of banning travel to Iranians connected with its nuclear program, assassinate every traveling Iranian official, notably Ahmadinejad. Instigate terrorist attacks in Qom to disrupt the intellectual framework of militant fundamentalism. Crack down on Iranian proxies abroad, and on the companies which work with Iran. The efforts must not proceed slowly because fear of losing power would drive the ayatollahs to mad actions. The ayatollahs’ regime is hated and weak, and the West must exert on it the kind of pressure Reagan exerted on the crumbling USSR, particularly by provoking an arms race by arming Saudi Arabia.