Am I not shocked by images of dead Muslim children in Palestine and Lebanon? No, I am not. There is no commandment of compassion for an enemy population. Even in Christianity, compassion is qualified. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus defined a neighbor as one who does good to you (the priest and Levite who passed by the victim were no neighbors, but the despised Samaritan who helped him was a neighbor). Never in recent history has a Muslim community helped the Jews. We owe them no compassion.

With or without compassion, one should not inflict unnecessary suffering on others. Even food animals should be killed with the least possible suffering. So the proper question is, Do we the Israelis inflict unnecessary suffering on the Palestinians? The answer is an emphatic yes.

Israel gave Palestinians the illusion of possible coexistence. Absent that illusion, Muslims from the Israeli core—Judea, Samaria, Gaza—would have emigrated long ago to live comfortably elsewhere. We cannot coexist. As the Palestinians see it, the Jews took their land. Living on international welfare in their ridiculously small state, Palestinians will never forget the Israeli offense. In the familiar pattern, Arab university graduates without job opportunities will join the radicals and fan the anti-Israeli struggle. They see that inexpensive things like suicide bombers and fertilizer-filled rockets work and bring political benefits. The Palestinians have no reason to stop and every reason to continue the struggle.

American Indians do not fight their European occupiers today because the settlers decimated, suppressed, and stereotyped them as Red Indians, then brainwashed them with American media and educational programs, bribed them with extensive welfare programs. Great Britain failed to do the same with the Irish, and they fought for independence. Israel cannot influence education or the media in the Palestinian state. Palestinian universities and newspapers would seed or, at the very least, not oppose Palestinian nationalism which is necessarily anti-Israeli.

Would the Palestinians emigrate and spare their children if they were smarter? Decades ago, perhaps. Now the smart are ideologically motivated and stay and risk their children. Jews, too, risk their children. Land, honor, ideology, religion—they are way above lives.

The truth hurts, but it minimizes long-term suffering. Israel and a Palestinian state cannot coexist peacefully. One of them must be dismantled.