Bibi Netanyahu has recently sparked a round of admiration by declaring that Israel under his leadership won’t revert to pre-1967 borders. Netanyahu’s fans just don’t listen. He supports a Palestinian state, although he accepted a blessing from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who categorically denied Palestinian statehood in the Land of Israel. Netanyahu is similar to Rabin, who also declared that Israel wouldn’t retreat to her former borders. Netanyahu agrees to a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, and only wants minor border rectifications to accommodate some Jewish settlements and acquire for Israel a few hilltops. If that’s all, then the confrontation with the Arabs and world opinion isn’t worth the benefit of annexing to Israel a few square miles. A corrupt traitor like Barak can finish the issue much more efficiently than Netanyahu. That’s assuming that Netanyahu would follow through on his electoral promises at all. The last time, he also campaigned on renouncing the Oslo Accords, but signed the Wye River Memorandum in addition to them.

No major Israeli politician accepts the fact that a Jewish state lives or dies on a single question: Do we desperately want this land? Peace is better than land, but is peace better than Judea and Samaria? Israel has lost the territories when Judea and Samaria became the “West Bank.”

Ideologically charged English-speaking immigrants to Israel and many Russians possess the common sense understanding of “we,” “our,” and “enemy.” Israeli-born sabra Jews, brainwashed since inception, have little ideological zeal. Lieberman the phony sucks in Russian votes. Netanyahu is the ideal candidate for right-leaning, Israeli-born Jews: he talks right, retains political correctness and is generally nice, and doesn’t embroil the state in the consequences of actual right-wing policies.

No mainstream politician is worth going to polling booths.