The world naturally dislikes a Jewish state and uses any pretext to vent its feelings. Israeli non-compliance with the idealistic morality the world urges on her is one such pretext. The deportation of Israeli Arabs to Jordan – a modest measure by real-life standards of Western states that butchered the aborigines – would lead to sanctions. That’s okay.

Jews suffered for their views for nineteen centuries, and our grandparents endured harsh lives in the Israeli deserts and marshes only decades ago to realize the goal of a Jewish state. A state of Jews, not of Arabs. Of Judaism, not of sharia. If we have to endure sanctions to attain our goal, so be it.

The sanctions aren’t that hard. Scores of countries defy world opinion on various matters, and live well. South Africa was subjected to sanctions for apartheid, and for years lived in theoretical isolation but in reality had a decent economy. Liquid markets make sanctions ineffective. Israel can import and export through foreign intermediaries, smuggle, re-label, and otherwise circumvent sanctions. If there were any.

No sanctions were imposed on Israel after the 1967 war. Neither the West nor the other Arabs care enough about the Palestinians to fight for them. Both the Westerners and the Arabs resent prolonged televised suffering of the Palestinians. The relocation must be swift.

According to the Camp David agreement, the US and Egypt can’t stop oil sales to Israel. If they renege on their part of the agreement, Israel can re-occupy the isthmus of Sinai and annex the oil wells there – a more than welcome development. The dissolution of the USSR changed the political aspect of the oil supply. Corrupt and cash-strapped post-Soviet states would be only too happy to re-export Russian oil to Israel.

American aid to Israel may or may not cease as the result of the deportation, but Israel has already agreed to give up the civil part of the aid. The military part has been almost constant in nominal dollars since early 1980s, and inflation has eroded that. Small aid buys the US too much influence in Israel. We won all the wars without American aid. If Israel threatened first use of nuclear weapons, the West would rush to supply her with conventional weapons to prevent nuclear confrontation.

Deporting Israeli Arabs to Jordan won’t impede peace in the Middle East. A Jewish state amidst the sea of Muslim countries would never see lasting peace anyway. Deportation will normalize Israel and position her as a normal country ready to defend her values by force. A strong and respected Israel will be de facto at peace with Muslims.