With perhaps a bit of American prompting, Arab countries one after another declared nuclear ambitions. Jordan was very cautious. United Arab Emirates and other sheikhdoms dodged responsibility with a collective nuclear development program. Heavyweight Egypt threatened to unfreeze its ostensibly frozen nuclear development. Sunnis are wary of nuclear Shiites who used internationally prohibited poison gases in the recent war with Iraq. Foreign Shiites would rally after the nuclear Iran and further destabilize their host countries.

Arab rulers don’t care about population losses, and don’t fear the Iranian nuclear threat. At stake, however, is their reputation and influence. Sunni Arabs detest being inferior to Shiite Persians. It is unlikely that the Arabs would immediately escalate their nuclear programs beyond rhetoric. Given the Israeli and American do-nothing attitude, at some point many Arab entities would go nuclear but not very soon. Iran under the current leadership welcomes the escalation. Arabs have no claims upon Iran and their nuclear weapons are not threatening. Fully nuclearized Middle East neatly fits into the Iranian opposition to the West. Regional military volatility is acceptable to aggressive nationalist demagogues like Ahmadinejad. Arms race economically threatens the countries like Egypt more than the oil-rich Iran.

Arabs abstained even from token gestures such as the declarations of nuclear intent when they learned about Israeli nuclear weapons. Arabs fear Iranian nukes more than Israeli. That says a lot about Israeli tarnished credibility. Iranian mullahs with no serious plans against the Arab countries cause more concern than the Zionist enemy which keeps fighting the Arabs for decades. Nuclear or other weapons are assets; it is madness of their owners that terrifies the enemies.

Israel has a perfect opportunity to re-assert her dominance by using nuclear weapons against Iranian nuclear facilities. Arabs in their hearts would applaud and the West would know it could count on Israel. At the very least, kill Ahmadinejad.

Russian delivery of TOR-M1 surface-to-air missile batteries to Iran made the aerial mission much harder than a week ago. So much for the Russian support of UN sanctions against Iran.

China reminded the US that the next large war could be fought with Kalashnikoffs rather than F-16’s. That the Chinese shot down a satellite is very surprising, if true. The technology is complicated, thought beyond the current Chinese capabilities. China strangely risked major political confrontation with the West over the missile test after witnessing the recent standoff with North Korea. Still more oddly, the Chinese remained silent of their major military achievement.

Cheap missiles could shoot down the American GPS satellites. China sells Iran any weapons and nuclear technology. Iran has or soon could have the Chinese missiles capable of dealing with the US satellites. That’s quite a deterrent.