The one thing I detest more than liberal “rabbis” is racist Jews who speak of vile, subhuman Arabs. On the contrary, Arabs are normal, and in many political and moral respects remind us of how the Jews should behave.

Take Arab rocket attacks on Israel. Few Jews are so contemptuous of Arabs as to imagine them stupid to the point of not recognizing the economic benefits of stopping the attacks. Israel would open some crossings, allow some migrant laborers from Gaza, and international aid would increase. The Arabs can get still more aid by ousting Hamas, whose forces constitute, at most, 2 percent of Gaza’s population. In a place where firearms are abundant, Arabs would have no trouble dethroning Hamas. Gazans are not afraid of Hamas: the people who lived for generations in squalid refugee camps under Egyptian, then Israeli oppression, who are used to artillery fire at night, are not afraid of anything. Individual Arabs, yes, they crack easily under interrogation, but the Arab masses are fearless.

The only reason that Gazans support the militant factions and withstand Israeli retaliation is the noble feeling of immense hatred toward the enemy. They can live peacefully in refugee camps on UN handouts, but they are willing to suffer in order to return to what they consider their homeland—what is now called Israel. Gazans did not come from the West Bank; they came from the “core” Jewish cities, from Haifa to Jaffa. This is the land which they fight to get back. They don’t fight for Schem or Hebron: those cities are already in Arab hands. They want what the Israelis think is core Israel. And if they cannot get the land now, they will at least continue pounding the Zionist enemy until he gives up.

It might be that the Arabs’ calculations are right. By any measure, Haifa and Jaffa are not Jewish cities; Jews controlled those territories in antiquity only for a very short time. By any measure, Schem and Hebron are Jewish towns: we bought them, conquered them, settled them, had them as our major cities, and have a full-fledged religious right to them. Therefore, if Jews abandoned Schem and Hebron, the Arabs find it completely plausible that Zionists would eventually abandon Haifa and Jaffa. And they are right—Jews keep abandoning those places: Akko is now an Arab town, and Jaffa is becoming one.

So when Gazans shell Israel, they act neither cowardly, nor stupidly, but bravely, shrewdly, and—from their point of view—righteously.

Likewise, Israeli Arabs refuse to integrate and assimilate into the Israeli identity which would be so beneficial for them economically. First, Jews must be eternally grateful to them for doing so. Imagine if Israeli Muslims started acting as good Israelis: learned Hebrew, served in the army, and became nice to Jews. The next thing we would see would be a wave of Jewish assimilation, Jewish women converting to Islam to marry those nice, unobjectionable Arabs. The Arab hostility reminds Jews that something has to be done about the swelling numbers of Israeli Arabs; nice Arabs would be accepted as legitimate voters, breed up to a majority, and vote the Jewish state out of existence.

Israeli Arabs refuse to assimilate in return for economic benefits. That’s what the Jews praise themselves for. The good Jews abandoned the safety and economic advantages of America and moved to Israel. Arabs are smart and rational, or call them cynical: they accept economic benefits from Jews, but refuse to integrate into Jewish society. Some youngsters are even willing to fight the Jews instead of accepting economic benefits from them, such as higher education; others accept the almost-free education, and then work to subvert the Jewish state by building a parallel Arab society, donating to Islamic charities, and showing solidarity with their Palestinian brethren in the “occupied” territories. In the meantime, Israeli Arabs work to take over Israel by rationally exploiting her democracy, by the mere act of breeding. Sex for them is a political affair. Arabs accept temporary dhimmitude, but lose no chance to further their comeback as the sovereign nation in Palestine.

Arabs don’t want coexistence with Jews, and they wait patiently for the moment when they can drown some Jews and drive away the rest. That is how normal people behave when someone takes over the land they consider theirs. That is why the Torah commands the Jews to fight the natives of Canaan and drive them away, for they would always remember that the land was theirs, and their hostility toward the Jews would be implacable. Arabs want to drive the Jews away. Arabs resisted the Jews fleeing to Palestine from burning Europe; America and Britain resisted Jewish flight, too. That’s exactly what Jews are commanded to do with respect to Arabs: “For I will give the inhabitants of the land into your hand, and you will expel them” (Exodus 23:31).

Jews love to assert that Arabs claim more land that they actually need or have ever settled, that Jews worked the plains which were no-man’s land. But Jews were commanded to conquer the land from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, and from the Nile to the Euphrates; that’s also land that Jews have never settled, and cannot settle with meaningful density. National sovereignty over the land has nothing to do with actually settling it: look at the Chinese Himalayas or the Russian sub-Arctic.

Arabs are religiously intolerant; they protest when Jews worship at the Temple Mount. If only the Arab example rang a bell in Jews’ minds: “You shall destroy, destroy their deities and break, break their monuments” (Exodus 23:24). Every rabbi with the least trace of honesty would concur that cleansing the Temple Mount of Islamic structures is an immensely important commandment, and every minute we procrastinate in doing so is a grave sin. God granted us a miraculous victory in 1967 for a reason, and what reason can we imagine beyond giving Jews sovereignty over the Temple Mount? That’s, of course, if you believe that there is God; for those who evolved from monkeys the implications might be different.

Muslims exert horrendous religious punishments. Saudis sentence rape victims to capital punishment and ban every other religion from their country; Iranians stone adulterers. Liberal Jews have long forgotten their own punishments—which are exactly the same for the very same crimes. But Jews prefer tourism income to religious purity, and porn-industry tax revenues to morality.
Arabs teach their children violence; at the age of eight, they slaughter sheep. At the age of three, good religious Jewish children start learning the Torah from Leviticus, the section that details sacrifices. Liberal Jews assert that Judaism is non-violent; reading the Torah might change their opinion. The God who told us to slaughter Amalek babies and the priests of Baal during their worship, who killed the Egyptian firstborn and ordered us to bring numerous gruesome animal sacrifices, the God of the Deluge, pogroms, and Holocaust—he is not a merciful, liberal “spirit which is in man.”

Arabs are terrorists. But when Arabs kill Jewish civilians, they act normally—as any normal person does to his hated enemy. Jewish civilians serve in the army, pay taxes which support the army, vote for the governments which keep the territories under “occupation,” and send their sons and daughters to fight the Arabs. Palestinian terrorists don’t seek to annihilate the Jews; that’s a task for Arab mobs and armies. The terrorists seek rational political ends, and employ violence only to achieve those ends. Such violence is very economical by the standards of warfare. Such violence is extremely efficient in political terms: polls show Israeli support for Palestinian statehood growing after major terrorist acts.

Jewish partisans in Europe during WWII also employed terrorist tactics, and so did ETZEL and LEHI. Forget the fringes; it was the Haganah that carried out Dir Yassin and Kfar Kassem. The Israeli army routinely shot POWs in 1967 and in 1973, and crushed them flat with tank tracks. When given a minimally free hand, IAF bombed Lebanese and Gazan towns with no compunction. Indeed, what compunction could be there about destroying an enemy? The British—the world’s utmost liberals—exhibited very limited compassion to Dresdners whose women, children, and elderly they burned in incendiary raids, hurrah. Jews have a divine guideline in dealing with our sworn enemies, “Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey” (1 Samuel 15:3). God severely punished Saul for merely killing women and children, but not animals. David, likewise but for a different reason, killed all the inhabitants but not the animals. You may not like it, but that is Judaism. If you want to be nice, join Tibetan monks. Of course, they are not nice either.

Arabs are suicidal, and they send their children to suicide bombings. And Jews sent their children to senseless risk in Beirut for eighteen years. Arabs, at least, sacrifice their children for political ends; not so the Jews who during the Second Intifada feared for their children day and night but did nothing to stop the Arabs from killing them. No grieving Jewish parent went to Ramallah and blew himself up on an Arab bus; that is a shame. Arabs sacrifice their children for what to them is the noble aim of fighting the Zionist enemy; Jews sacrificed their children to Shimon Peres, the idol of Rabin, and his peace process. In the Book of Maccabees, Hannah urges her seven sons to suffer horrible death at the hands of liberal Jews and their Greek masters rather than “merely” eat non-kosher meat. That’s a Jewish mother. That’s Judaism. Compare that to Tel Aviv restaurants serving pork.

Of course Islam is a perversion. Of course Arabs are wild, primitive, and make worse neighbors than Anthrax bacteria. Of course the country is ours and we must cleanse it of Arabs by whatever means necessary. But the Arab example offers Jews a valuable insight into what “normalcy” really is.

be like the terrorists