At the dawn of the twentieth century, Jews and the Arabs numbered about 30 million each. The balance and the associated power drastically changed. Arabs thrived on Western medicine, agricultural technologies, and the oil racket. Jews dwindled from the Holocaust, assimilation, and their lifestyle which now calls for more entertainment, less children.

The long-range approaches, such as ending Western cooperation with Muslim countries, are beneficial. Occupying the oil fields to end the Arabs’ affluence and make their populations diminish to levels sustainable by their own capabilities would be great. Countering assimilation with proudly “Jew-only” nightclubs in the Diaspora, aggressive and controversial Israeli policies, and supporting anti-Semitic groups in the West would be marvelous.

A confrontational attitude is good, even if it endangers the nation; it also increases its cohesiveness, and causes widespread condemnation and anti-Semitism, thus preventing assimilation.

Jewish women who have sex with Arabs must understand: Arabs are not making love to them. In his cognitive framework, the Arab screws the Jewish enemy and triumphs over the Jewish nation.

Israel should enact some immediately efficient measures to increase the Jewish birth rate. We absolutely need five children per Jewish family. And we could make that seemingly outrageous number compatible with the modern lifestyle: through taxation. Parents who give birth to five children have fulfilled their obligation to Jewish society: don’t tax their income anymore. Don’t be afraid to lose tax proceeds on highly tax-positive professionals: we need more children in middle-class families. Government would finance itself with corporate taxes and customs duties and tighten the military and welfare parts of the budget. Israel could even trim the sacred cow, retired voters, and stop bribing religious Jews with subsidies. Given, education should be free for large families. Bring cheap teachers from India or end the trade-union racket. Want even more children? Allow Jewish parents to retire when they have ten grandchildren. The current system of subsidies absurdly promotes the birth rate of Israeli Arabs. Tax reduction would target the Jews, since the Arabs are largely unemployed officially.