Israel is no more corrupt than most democracies. Mid-level police efficiently investigates the top-level corruption. Israel has more corruption scandals per capita than other countries because of the thorough prosecution, not excessive corruption.
Zeiler Commission’s report on Israeli police chief Moshe Karadi is of the same stock as charges against the president Moshe Katsav. Neither committed anything out of the ordinary. Karadi’s subordinates are accused of relations with mafia bosses. Such connections are commonplace in police of various countries. The report does not assert that the policemen received payments from mafia, or that the connections actually harmed law enforcement.
In 2005, Karadi was cautious about the eviction of Jews from Gush Katif whom he described as idealists. The Katsav-Karadi affair suggests that Olmert plans devastation of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria. He cleanses the establishment of the people notoriously but unwillingly implicated in the pogroms in Gaza, simultaneously replacing them with the appointees sympathetic to his cause. Halutz, Katsav, and Karadi are being pushed out in order to impart credibility to Israeli ruling establishment before the major upheaval. New appointees, subservient to Olmert and considered clean for a while, would carry out the disengagement from Judea and Samaria into the ghetto-sized Israel.