Israel’s government long ago abandoned the concept of Jewishness and now consciously molds the Israeli nation. The Newspeak is readily available: the State of Israel instead of the Land of Israel, and the West Bank instead of Judea and Samaria. Israel-born secular youth identify less with Jewish people and more with the Israeli nation. Polls show opposition to government spending for strengthening ties with the Diaspora. The nation is heading toward a rift between the Israelis and the Diaspora Jews; they are becoming more and more different.

Since the 1950s, non-Jews averaged about a third of the Eastern European aliyah. By the most conservative estimates, 300,000 non-Jews immigrated to Israel before 1986. Then the Soviet Union opened the floodgates and filled Israel with Slavs. Evicting the Jews to Palestine was a conscious Russian policy from Vitte to Stalin, and the KGB state additionally realized its imperial ambitions by resettling Slavs into Israel. Russia similarly colonized Kazakhstan, the Baltic republics, and other acquired territories. The Russian government extended every kind of help to the Jewish Agency with the aim of exporting Slavs into the Middle East.

The tremendous influx of Slavs was made possible by an absurd rabbinic interpretation of Jewishness. Even allowing that a Jew is a child of a Jewish mother, there is a major question the rabbis ignore: who is a Jewish mother? Is she, in her turn, merely a child of another Jewish mother, or is she a person who actually identifies with Jews? The rabbis opted for a former option and, theoretically, someone could be a Jew if his maternal great-great-great-grandma was Jewish, even though none of his other relatives identified with the Jewish people. The Israeli government merely accepted the rabbinical criterion in its infamous amendment to the Law of Return, which stipulated the right of “return” for the great-grandchildren of Jews. The government wanted more subjects, and the army needed more recruits. The Jewish Agency got money and prestige based upon the numbers of immigrants. Political hypocrites imagined that the Arab problem could be solved by bringing in non-Arab immigrants, even if they were Slavs.

In the 1980s, 50 to 90 percent of Jews in various regions of the USSR were married to non-Jews. Barely two-thirds of the immigrants in early 1990s had two Jewish parents. But the reality was worse: the proper Jews were mostly middle-aged and older, while the Slavs were mostly the young spouses of Jews. The old Jews proceeded to die out, and the young Slavs bred semi-Jews and non-Jews in Israel.
By the mid-1990s, the children of two Jewish parents constituted hardly a third of the immigrants. The Jewish Agency, tasked by the government with importing specifically young people, left no tombstone unturned and discovered the imagined Jewish roots of scores of youngsters, who were duly dispatched to Israel in shiploads. By the end of the 1990s, the young aliyah was hardly 3-5% Jewish.

There is a single sensible definition of a Jew: a child of two Jewish parents. The parents can be Jewish by birth, conversion, or way of life. A considerable number of Slavs married to Israeli Jews have to all practical purposes joined the People of Israel, and their children are fully Jewish whether the rabbis recognize them or not. A great majority of Slavs, however, have no intention of assimilating into the Jewish nation. From watching Russian TV to frequenting Russia to distancing themselves from Israeli affairs to outright anti-Semitism and Slavic haunting of Jewish pupils in Israeli schools, most Slavs remain Slavs. Surprise, surprise. Gentile spouses of Jews from civilized countries move to Israel in small numbers and generally for ideological reasons. Slavs swarm Israel to escape from the pervasive Russian poverty and hopelessness, even if that means living among Jews. Fortunately, wages in Russia are now similar to Israel’s, and purchasing power is much higher in Russia; Slavs, accordingly, have started to trickle out of Israel.

The official estimate of 200,000 Slavs in Israel is laughable. Include those semi-Jews with a Jewish grandparent they never knew and the children of self-hating Jewish fathers and Slavic mothers, and the number is closer to a million. Worse, the number is consistently growing as intermarriage slips through Israeli society. Like Druze, Slavs are used to submission and profess loyalty to strong Jews, but are bound to switch their loyalty to the Arabs as the Jews continue to embrace weak policies. Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine are traditionally anti-Semitic and pro-Arab. They sell weapons to anti-Israeli regimes. It is unrealistic to expect the Slavs to part with their national habits, prejudices, and ideological brainwashing and embrace the Jews.

One good thing about Tzipi Livni is that she voted for Michael Kleiner’s amendment, which would have annulled the grandparents clause in the Law of Return. Russian parties joined the leftist bunch against the amendment. The leftists, at least, acted out of principled anti-Zionism (anti-Semitism, actually) while the Russian parties merely pandered to their Slavic electorate.

Israel cannot practically expel a million Slavs, at least for logistical reasons. Unlike the Arabs, they enjoy the last-resort protection of Russia. Short of outright eviction, Israel can mount pressure on the Slavs to move out. The Baltic states and Central Asian republics similarly pushed the Slavic colonizers out—softly, but persistently. The Israeli government, however, lacks the nationalist zeal of the Estonians and is unlikely to oppress the Slavs into assimilating or leaving. Activist citizens should fight Slavic anti-Semitism by measures ranging from insisting on police investigations of hate speech to burning Slav-owned bookshops that sell neo-Nazi books. Zero tolerance to intermarriage with Slavs in Israel is a must, and open contempt of Slavs is a noble personal attitude.

The Jewish nation has experienced massive influxes of pagans before, notably the Edomites. Eventually we assimilated them, though perhaps not for good. Compulsory military service does a great job of assimilating Slavs. In the meantime, Jews have the best chance of preserving our national character by moving away from Israeli towns dominated by Slavs.