There are good arguments for dismantling the Jewish state. First, it is not Jewish. Even its flag features a Christian emblem—the star—and two blue lines from tallit, which according to the Torah have no place there. With Arabs in the Knesset and on the Temple Mount, the country cannot be called Jewish in any meaningful sense. Not surprisingly, the Israeli elite defines the state’s Jewishness in talks with Arabs merely as a refusal to allow their refugees back in.

Also, the country cannot realistically become any more Jewish. The priestly tribe of cohens won’t emerge out of nowhere, orthodox Jews and leftists are united against building the Temple, and Jews will continue to emigratie while Arabs bring their relatives into the country.

A Jewish state is impossible for security reasons, too. We’re surrounded by implacable enemies sixty times the size of our population. Gamblers lose to casinos not because of the slight difference in odds but because after playing long enough they always encounter a string of losses which eventually bankrupts them. Casinos have more money. Arabs have more money, people, and weapons. We can maintain excellent relations with them, but we will eventually encounter a ruler bent on war. He will fight us with weapons the Arabs have accumulated during their years of excellent relations with us. Consider also the possibility of America refusing to supply spare parts to us during such a war. It’s just impossible to always win. Some day, decades or centuries from now, we will lose.

Nor will we be saved by nuclear deterrence. It is only a matter of time before Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Algeria get nuclear weapons. Sooner still, they can buy ready-made bombs like those the Saudis got from Pakistan. Clearly Israel is more afraid of them nuking Tel Aviv than they worry about our retaliation. Among the dozens of leaders who will take the helms of these countries over the next century, one certainly will welcome apocalyptic mutual nuclear destruction. There is no need for more than a single such ruler. Terrorists are even more likely to spark a nuclear war to get rid of both Jews and insufficiently Islamic Arabs.
It might be great to defy the laws of nature and insist on maintaining a Jewish state against all reason. I favor tempting God: if he needs his people let him care of us. But this state is not Jewish in any sense.

On the other hand, a Hamas state in this land would provide a number of advantages. Jews would enjoy unrestricted if regulated access to all our holy places. Otherwise, Schem and Bethlehem are lost to Jews, as will be Hebron and the Temple Mount. Certainly we can agree with Muslims on joint prayers in Al Aqsa. Under Muslim dominance Jews will enjoy administrative autonomy as before. Unlike our government, Hamas won’t allow pork or churches with images of God. Jews would be able to live in isolated villages free of Arabs simply because Arabs would lose political incentive to settle there. There would be no humiliating dilemmas like integrating non-Jewish immigrants and African illegals, living with Muslim occupation of the Temple Mount despite our jurisdiction over the country, and many others. Spared conscription and defense expenses Jews would prosper. Absent the perennial security threat, leftists wouldn’t be able to control the population. Jews, therefore, would become more religious.

Other than maintaining a humiliated state or living in a humiliated capacity in a Muslim state, there is the revolutionary option of abandoning statehood in this land altogether. To a large extent that means a return to the ancient system of autonomous communities. Jews can maintain overall sovereignty, but let other people live in autonomous communities. If Muslims or Christians want to live in our villages or Jewish districts of existing towns, they must adhere to the status of ger toshav by observing basic commandments in the public sphere. In their communities they can live, marry, and behave any way they like. Jewish police and tax inspectors don’t enter their villages, but neither do Jewish municipal workers. They don’t pay our taxes or enjoy our subsidies. In that scenario we don’t have to humiliate them by calling our state Jewish. Let every village define itself as it wishes. Such a policy would reverse the expansion of state power. Just 150 years ago states did not provide welfare. With welfare came the need for civil marriage to maintain the roster. With ideological wars came conscription, thus indoctrination, thus control of education. In a truly free market state a central government need not be so intrusive. Muslims will support a lack of intrusive government because primitive people are more commonsensical and resist intrusion, be it taxation or conscription. Muslim fundamentalists also detest any ungodly state as opposed to the caliphate. Through the free market Israel can practically divest herself of her Muslims.