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Assimilation is death

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On August 31, 2010 @ 9:36 am In Jewish isolation | 9 Comments

The assimilation of American Jews is irreversible, and there is no point in expending great resources to counter it. Even if the intermarriage rate were to be brought down miraculously to 30% from the current figure of 70-95% among atheists, in three generations the number of Jews would decrease by two-thirds.

The goal now is to jump off the ship and not sink along with it. Israel makes many American Jews uncomfortable as she reminds them of their own unwelcome roots. Their conscious choice—to normalize Israel by making her as liberal and peaceful as America—is based on their subconscious wish that Israel cease to exist. By connecting Israel to American Jewry, Israelis subject themselves to untold political pressures.

More importantly, American Jews act as a beacon to post-Zionist Israeli Jews. If Jews can live outside Israel, be respected, and dictate US policies, then it would be sensible to move from Israel to America. Decadence is sweet, and assimilated American Jews draw their Israeli brethren. So far, America has not used its major weapon against Israel—immigration policy. The day the United States opens its borders to Israelis, our demography will change radically.

This will happen unless Israel decries foreign assimilation in the strongest terms, abandons ties with Jewish organizations that tolerate interfaith families, and tells her youth that they can be Jews in Israel, or good people in America, but never both.

People are not only a stomach, but also a brain. Not only brain, but also heart. Not only I, but We. I wouldn’t like a person who insults me continually, much less someone who insults us. The Bible says, “Love your neighbor,” but a neighbor is one who deviates from accepted ways along with you, not one who abandons you to join the accepted ways. Had I been born just a few years earlier, I would have had two chances out of three to end up in a gas chamber—and I’m very sensitive to Jews who finish the Nazis’ job. Such people remain Jewish, but they are Jewish criminals. Had they murdered an old lady, I would have helped them evade prosecution, but they murder the Jews in themselves, in their children and grandchildren. And there is no room for tolerance.

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