Propaganda, both in Israel and in Nazi ghettos, brainwashed Jews into an alternative reality when reality was too painful to accept.

Aircraft is useless against terrorists, but the IDF sends fighter jets against Palestinian villages to show the Israelis that even the strongest measures fail. Jews, accordingly, lose hope. The Israeli government purposely humiliates Jews by promising to divide Jerusalem and reduce Israel to ludicrous borders. The humiliation is decidedly senseless, as when the Jews are banned from praying at the Temple Mount; in concentration camps, Jews were similarly made to run with heavy sacks there and back. East Jerusalem was given to the Arabs because the Arabs had already settled it anyway; by that token, give away Galilee, which is also populated by Arabs. Instead of the obvious measure of driving Arabs from Jerusalem, the Israeli government takes Jerusalem from the Jews.
The government repeatedly provokes the Palestinians with peace promises to maintain the ongoing violence. The shelling of Sderot makes Jews accept the proximity of death; in the ghettos, Jews likewise stepped over corpses and moved on. Rocket attacks on northern Israel engaged Israelis in betrayal: they partied in Tel Aviv while their kin was murdered in Haifa. The peace process offers them a hope reminiscent of when the Germans sold train tickets to Jewish crowds who were shipped subsequently to the death camps. And the EU sponsors the Judenrat establishment which stirs Jewish state toward its end.