Modern political equality is traceable to a single idiot, President Wilson. The term is not derogatory; he indeed became mentally incapacitated during his presidency, and his wife was giving orders on his behalf. His concept of the League of Nations where civilized people sit with barbarians, presidents with chieftains, and frog-eaters with mother-in-law-eaters laid the foundation for twentieth century international liberalism.

People normally feel compassion for physically deformed individuals, unless they are deformed beyond human image. The attitude toward the mentally ill, however, is generally disgust. There is no paradox: mentally incapacitated patients do not resemble the human image. Similarly, people usually feel disgust toward corpses. Anything that has been human and ceased to be so is repugnant.

Here lies an important principle: people look at mental and spiritual qualities rather than physical attributes to evaluate affinity. I’m perfectly comfortable with a conservative black American lawyer (I won’t hire one, but that’s another issue), but not with Ashkenazi Jewish ultra-leftists. Racism is mistaken because the real lines of division pass through mental qualities rather than physical attributes. Historically, the two have often coincided, but in our time of inter-group assimilation and intra-group diversification (the breaking up of groups) ethnic and racial lines have become outdated.

American Southerners were mistaken to segregate from the blacks, but they could be right to segregate from cultural aliens of whatever race. In Israel’s situation, delineating Jews from Arabs is absurd: there are many people of Jewish faith who are ethnically close to Arabs (Sephardi) and there are Arabs (Druze) who are reasonably loyal to the Jewish state and are monotheists, and are thus allowed to stay here. Delineating Jews from our Muslim enemies is perfectly sensible, though. The Supreme Court holds contradictory views on that: it bars Jews from settling in Arab villages, but mandates Jews to lease land in their villages to Arabs. Whatever the activist judges think, people have a fundamental right to live alone; indeed, Jews have such a religious obligation. Only in culturally homogeneous communities can people feel comfortable with each other. Only such types of communities allow for common-sense justice. In heterogeneous societies, justice cannot rely on common sense, which difference between people of various cultural backgrounds. Formal justice, which replaces common sense, lacks it: the common denominator among various groups is the lowest denominator, the basest of all values. Formal justice in heterogeneous societies unavoidably turns nihilist. An example: when conservatives objected to pornography in public places and liberals had no problem with it, American courts had no formal reason to uphold one group’s standard against the other, and porn magazines are now sold in shops under a partial cover which, like a bikini, only makes them more attractive.

Most people support the state’s right to isolate harmless mentally ill persons. Call us cruel, but we just resent the sight of salivating idiots wandering down the streets. How much more are we entitled to demand that the government isolate our harmful neighbors, the Arabs.