“I don’t care about Arafat. Mind you, Arafat has some terrible people around him, like [Tanzim leader Marwan] Barghouti,” Hosni Mubarak told Newsweek in 2001. Israel is now mulling releasing Barghouti, and has already released scores of Tanzim fighters.
Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967 in response to much lesser Arab terrorism than happens now that Israel is relinquishing the territories.
Israel evicted 600,000 Arabs—30 percent of Israel’s population—in 1948, but accepts 1.4 million Arabs now when they constitute 34 percent among the Israeli young.

Israel will continue to be a political swinger unless her politicians decide on some basic questions.
Would the Jews accept an Arab majority in Israel? If not, why? Because a Jewish state must be Jewish? Then how Jewish is a state comprising 34 percent Arabs and 19 percent Slavs? How Jewish is the politics of Israel, when Rabin and Barak came to power on Arab votes?
How can Jews deal with the Arab demographic problem in Israel? Arabs won’t leave prosperous Israel voluntarily. They won’t accept Lieberman’s plan to attach the Galilee Arab enclaves to the Palestinian state. Are the Jews prepared to evict the Arabs from Israel to keep our state Jewish? If yes, why not do it now? If no, why Israel?
Why establish the Jewish state in Palestine rather than Uganda? Because of its biblical importance? Then how can the Jews give the Arabs Judea and cling instead to a beach area of no biblical importance?

If we are prepared to defend a Jewish state in our core lands against the wishes of Westerners and Muslims alike, then driving all the Arabs across the Jordan River is our only choice.