Anti-Zionism is not necessarily anti-Semitism. Satmar Jews, undoubtedly good Jews with genuine Talmudic beliefs, are honestly anti-Zionist. In a sense, I’m also anti-Zionist, if by that we mean de facto socialist Zionism rather than the return to Zion.

In practice, almost every gentile anti-Zionist is anti-Semite. Why indeed, do they concentrate on Jewish-Arab conflict? Hundreds of conflicts rage all over the world at any given time. Scores of peoples are oppressed, many are butchered, and multitudes watch their rights violated. I don’t recall these “human rights defenders” defending Saudi Shiites. Ok, let’s take the Palestinian Arabs: Where were their defenders when Egypt shelled Palestinian refugees in Gaza, Jordan killed them with tanks, Syria butchered them in refugee camps, and the Christians hunted them all over the Southern Lebanon? Who condemned the Kuwaitis for more or less expelling their large Palestinian community in retaliation for Arafat’s support of Saddam? There are no voices raised in condemnation of Lebanon for banning the Palestinians from more than seventy occupations. Where are the condemnations of Fatah’s and Hamas’ security forces for killing each other’s loyalists, closing their charities, and detaining them for years without charges? More Palestinians have been killed by internal feuds than by Israel. Ask yourself why these “human rights” activists condemn Israel for sealing Gaza, but do not condemn Egypt, which does exactly the same thing at the Rafah Crossing?

What, if not anti-Semitism, accounts for hundreds of times more demonstrations in support of Palestinian than Kurdish statehood? When was the last time any international body condemned Russia for annexing the Kuril Islands from Japan after World War II? But the Russian Foreign Ministry has the audacity to call the Golan Heights “occupied.” Forget Russia. What depths of hypocrisy does it take for the American anti-Semites to speak of the “occupied Palestinian territories” while living in the Occupied United States of America? Give your country back to the Native Indians before lecturing us.

The Anti-Semites United condemn Israeli “aggression.” No argument—Jews indeed exhibited the utmost aggressiveness in daring to live through six wars and decades of terrorism. And we indeed rectified our borders to make them minimally defensible.

Now, I love to hear British officials condemn Israeli aggression. Of course, it was not aggression for Britain to kill hundreds on the Falkland Islands, thousands of miles from its borders. It was not aggression for Russia and the United States to fight a proxy war in Angola. And if the French think that killing millions of Algerians and Indochinese was wrong, how come they have not acknowledged their guilt and paid reparations? It is okay for any nation to fight to defend its national interests and annex territory. For any nation—except the Jews.

Moreover, Israel is accused of violating the Palestinian Arabs’ human rights. But is there a right to statehood? Chechens and Basques would love to know that. Perhaps Palestinians suffer unreasonably? I’d love to see a nation more lenient toward terrorists and enemies than Israel. Poor Palestinians! Under Israeli oppression, they breed at one of the world’s highest rates and boast the highest economic growth among Muslim populations not endowed with oil-wealth. And certainly, the UN “human rights” pundits have no more pressing concerns in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, or any of dozens of other countries, that they have devoted more than 90 percent of their resolutions to criticism of Jews.

Israel played into the hands of anti-Semites by inventing the names “Israel” and “Zionism.” We’re a Jewish state with Jewish ideology and Jewish interests. Whoever is against us is anti-Jewish and can safely be classified as anti-Semite.

Jewish isolationism turns ugly when practiced by atheists in the Diaspora. It becomes disgusting chauvinism as the Jews incessantly compare themselves to others. As there’s not a single advantage atheist Jews have over gentiles, the Jews denigrate their gentile compatriots in order to exalt themselves. The situation is only slightly better for religious Jews, who believe their bizarre rites—which border on idolatry, and certainly constitute superstition—distinguish them for the better from their gentile surroundings. They sense the meaninglessness of their rites and despise gentile customs still more; they need to imagine that gentile customs are still worse.

The only way for Jews to be different, isolationist, but not so ugly, is to stop comparing themselves to gentiles. This is only possible in our own country, without aliens. Here we can live like a normal nation that doesn’t care about outsiders’ opinions, doesn’t interact with them routinely, and doesn’t need to prove itself before others. Only in our own country can Jews be different without despicably denigrating others.