It is misleading to talk about throwing the Arabs out of Israel. That is a means, not the end. The German policies against Jews were ugly in that they were the end in themselves. Killing for a high idea is one thing, and like it or not, it is generally accepted. Murdering for the murder’s sake is totally different, and universally detested. As sages said, “Two people picked cucumbers. One is guilty and the other one is not.” Similar actions often have tremendously different moral standings: both a surgeon and a cannibal slit open bodies, but obviously for different purposes. To liken our methods to those of the Germans is silly; after all, we brush our teeth just like Germans did.

Jews did not threaten the Germans in any way. Jews did not even threaten the German national identity, as those “Germans of Mosaic faith” sought to integrate, assimilate, and become perfect Germans. Still, if the Germans wanted to live in a comfortably homogeneous society of their own, it would have been enough for them to expel the Jews to Switzerland or Palestine. I would have had no problem with that, as indeed Jews must live in isolation. Every rabbi of old, when they were still rabbis, thought similarly.

Also, size does matter. It is one thing for Jews to want a tiny speck of land for ourselves, and very different for Germans to claim a huge country, perhaps even the whole continent, must be empty of Jews.

When you want a steak, you don’t really seek to kill the cow. When you call police to pick up a robber, you don’t want to ruin his life—you just want to live yours in the safety of your house. When you spend enough money in a restaurant to save an African family from hungry death, you’re not evil; you just don’t care about others. So in our case, we don’t care about the expelled Arabs. Let the Arab countries who confiscated the property of 800,000 Jewish refugees take care of their fellow Muslims.

I don’t seek to harm Arabs. I want a life that is good for Jews. If that comes at the Arabs’ expense, so be it; I don’t care a bit. But there is no intention to harm the Arabs. If they accept compensation and leave quietly, well and good. If force is needed, it will be applied—any force necessary.

There is no issue of Arab violence threatening the Jewish state. Such a threat exists, but it is non-essential. Arabs outside of Israeli borders threaten her security, and I don’t believe that the Jewish ceasefire with the Christian world will last for long. We won’t be the ones to breach it, but breached it will be.

Peaceful Arabs in Israel are as much a problem as the rioting ones; indeed, the rioting Arabs are less of a problem because the very fact of the rioting suggests to Jews the necessary measures. Peaceful Arabs undermine the purpose of Israel: the Jewish state. The state where Jews live comfortably together. A reservation, if you will. We want to be like the Native Indians—respect our reservation, and we want no aliens here. Jews have a right to a country club; our country is the size of a Texan country club.

We want to live comfortably among Jews. For the first time in nineteen centuries, we want to see no aliens around. You, who are a part of the homogeneous Western culture, can’t imagine the immense pleasure of seeing Jews around—only Jews. We’re so vastly different from the rest of the peoples that we want to be left alone in our microscopic state. “Alone” means with no aliens. Of course, Arabs are not aliens for many Israeli Jews, but neither are Jews neighbors for such Jews. The poor cosmopolitans, they embrace the Arabs who reject them, and reject the Jews who wish to embrace them.

An idealistic President Wilson oversaw the mutual relocation of Turks and Greeks. An idealistic President F.D. Roosevelt sanctioned the eviction of 12 million Germans from Poland and Czechoslovakia. Probably we can find another American idealist to pay scant attention to us evicting the Arabs from Israel, Judea, and Samaria.

And if not? We’ll herd goats for a decade until the international sanctions expire.

anti-Arab is not necessarily pro-German