How would you react, if a people had a history of killing your own people, who only wanted to live safely among them? Arabs murdered religious Jews by the scores in Tzfat in 1834, and again in 1860, long before they ever heard of Zionism. Arabs continued murdering apolitical religious Jews in 1922, 1929, and 1936.

How would you react to a people who murdered priests and nuns? Arabs murdered the entirely religious populations of Jerusalem and Hebron, and the nuns of the Mount Scopus Hospital convoy and Hadassah hospital, respectively. The nuns in Hebron had treated them free.

What would you do if, when you were fleeing foreign persecution, the locals met you with knives and guns? Yes, you wanted your own state alongside them, but you were buying the lands, draining them, and developing them from desert. Your presence was an inconvenience, but also a major economic advantage to the locals—yet they continued murdering you. The world screams when Israel turns away some illegal economic migrants from Africa, but the Arab right to resist Jewish migration remains unquestioned. What would you do, people who live in the lands taken from Native Indians and ancient Britons?

When the UN gave you a sham of a state, three isolated cantons, the locals obtained foreign assistance to crush it. They murdered and maimed a percentage of your people which exceeded Russian losses in WWII. Wouldn’t you be happy that most of them ran away? Would you let their fourth-generation descendants back?

Since that war, the locals lived their own lives in their own country neighboring your state. There was no reason to upset peace. Yet, they conducted incessant terrorist raids into your territory, murdering and maiming your people in the most inhumane attacks.

When their foreign associates set out to exterminate you and publicly proclaimed the objective of drowning your families in the sea, you gathered suicidal courage and acted first, despite the world urging you to sit quietly and accept your fate. In order to put a stop to the terror, you took control over their lands. You did not dispossess them, but merely enforced an order which kept your families relatively safe—relatively, because more of your people continued to suffer in their terrorist attacks than during these open wars.

During that period of law enforcement the locals concentrated on fighting your “occupation,” which was itself a consequence of their terrorism. But their true plans were made public in their springboard doctrine: drive your law-enforcement troops from their towns first, then from your towns, too. Their deeds conformed to their declarations: their terrorists were killing your people in your towns. In political negotiations, they insisted on inundating you with a flow of returnees half the size of your own population. They developed a cunning political tactic: while one faction showed moderation and agreed with you on mutually acceptable concessions, another faction rebelled and used those concessions as a starting point to press more demands. From liberating their villages they came all the way to evicting you from your capital, your holiest place. Would you trust them to keep a peace?

From sporadic terror they escalated to suicide bombings which wreaked such havoc in your society that parents feared to let their children go to school. They brought the killing to an industrial scale and terrorized entire towns with thousands of rockets. Your town, rather than Dresden or Tokyo, became the most heavily shelled place on earth.

Then you fought back. You knew the world was prejudiced against you, and took every step to spare your enemy. You allowed them to receive aid during fighting—something that no army had ever done—and you warned them to flee so that you struck mainly empty installations. You held your firepower and sent your children to fight in booby-trapped houses. Still, the world came out against you, and the most thuggish regimes condemned you in the highest forums.

What would you do?