The catastrophe is unfolding so slowly, draped in so many speeches, that few note it. Distracted by myriad events, people don’t see the terrible picture which unfolds just before their eyes: The end. By leftists.

For the entire history, things were allowed to run their course. Time and again, great leaders intervened and caused ripples on the ocean of human society. A few years later, the things returned to their normal order. Alexander the Great’s empire did not survive a day after the butcher’s demise.

With ever-increasing speed, the last three centuries show the two developments: deliberate intrusion into social framework and the global reach of such intrusions. For thousands of years, Plato’s monster ideas of reshaping societies lay dormant because no one had the sufficient power. It is impossible to reshape a society of the town size: faced with major inconveniences, its members would simply move to a nearby location. The monopoly on human souls is essential for leftists whose raison d’etre is changing the naturally established order.

The modern leftism was jump-started by Rousseau. Unsurprisingly, he sought to do away with the dissenters in his Utopia. Leftists cannot afford a dissent which challenges their policies. Since the policies are often detrimental to many individuals and certainly to the smartest and the most productive ones, the right to live freely would allow the most lucrative subjects to escape the leftist paradise. Besides draining it of resources, the escape would set a dangerous precedent to others. For that reason, the Soviets banned emigration.

The leftist drive to all-permissiveness is unrelated to freedom, but a typical nihilism. Leftists deny the majority the most basic freedom: to live in a consensual society. The rights of homosexuals are weighed against the majority’s right to live without them. Leftists push their nihilist agenda for an immensely important reason: to destroy the societies’ traditional framework. In the process, they train the majority in submission to their ideas. “Their” is a keyword: the commoners become used to accepting whatever policy is urged upon them.

The Soviet Union was a bit premature: people resent brute force but readily submit to nicely packaged policies. Marx predicted correctly that free societies will be transformed to communist ones on their own, slowly and nicely. Russians resented the KGB oppression, but Americans fell into the net of nice slogans. Who can oppose freedom for gays? It is unthinkable to oppose freedom.

The Soviet Union also failed on another count, the scale. Better life was lurking from outside its borders. But where would an American escape? Europe is liberal, the Muslim world is barbaric, and the islands are economically backward. For the first time in history, leftists have the global reach to assure than no significant group can escape their jurisdiction. Sensing their advance, many otherwise hostile groups choose to cooperate: large entrepreneurs who must be hostile to leftism supported Obama.

Leftists support no one out of compassion: millions slaughtered in Iran-Iraqi war or the civil war in Afghanistan received little media coverage. But every leftist supports Afro-Americans and Palestinians who also receive indulgence for whatever crime and atrocities they commit. Why? Because they break the established world order based on whites, Jews, and imperialism. Expansion is associated with power; contraction, with weakness. The advance of Afro-Americans and Palestinians means contraction of the Western world order.

Leftists need to take one final step before they triumph. Stalin, an evil genius, sensed that step correctly. Just like in any revolution, in order for leftism to triumph the old order must be destroyed. The centuries-long advance of leftism was relatively soft, but the final touch involves an open war.
Leftists found a way to eat their cake and keep their hands clean. They need not wage the war themselves; Muslims can do it for them. Here come the rogue nukes.

The United States waged massive wars in Korea and Vietnam, and continues significant operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Taking out Pakistani and North Korea’s nuclear facilities is no problem in military terms. American diplomats are not clinically stupid: everyone realizes that talking to North Korea is a dead-end approach as the communists can get more respect by having nukes and more money by selling them. Taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities is a still simpler affair with no side effects: America’s Arab allies clamor for the action. Ignoring the Pakistani nuclear stocks in Saudi Arabia which 100% depends on the United States for protection cannot be justified on any grounds. Letting Egypt pass with its low-profile nuclear program at the time when Mubarak would accept any compromises to assure the West’s complacency is transferring the power to his son cannot be explained away in any rational terms.

The explanation is before those who wish to see it: leftists need a major nuclear war away from the West’s borders. The Middle East’s annihilation would end the power of militaries which can do nothing about terrorist nuclear threats and the power of oil corporations which would lose their base. Western countries will remain intact while their societal order is destroyed.

And leftists will rule over the ruins.

and many false prophets will arise