Once upon a time, there was a good Jew. He knew the true meaning of Jewish religion and argued against attempts to twist it. He accused the religious establishment of hypocrisy and condemned the rabbis for abrogating the religion with their fancy interpretations.
He lambasted Jewish leaders for their policies, which were detrimental to the Jewish people.
He came to Jews originally, but was forced to teach among Gentiles. Crowds followed him, but Jewish leaders grew apprehensive of his influence. They smeared him. “He was despised and we esteemed him not.” They brought false charges against him, and misused the law. Politically unable to execute him, they arranged for a hostile foreigner to murder the Jew.
After his death, his followers were dispersed and persecuted. Many were jailed, and some were murdered. His words proved true.

His name was Meir Kahane.

Meir Kahane at the National Press Club

Meir Kahane’s lecture at Brandeis University

[These are the two landmark pieces of apologia, Jewishness vs. democracy. The video is seriously improved compared to the Internet copies. Use a download manager like FlashGet.]

Kahane tzadak