We’re tired. Tired of living in a Jewish state that condemns Jews for shooting Arabs in self-defense and sentences Jews to years in jail for drawing cartoons of Mohammad. Tired of listening to endless rationalizations of the suicidal urge, the peace process, and the mantras of peaceful coexistence despite all evidence of the implacable hostility of the Arabs. Tired of panegyrics to ethnic-blind democracy and subsidizing Arabs and Slavs to breed to majorities in the Jewish state. Tired fighting the totalitarian Israeli state praised by millions of well-wishers as a bulwark of democracy; bulwark yes, democracy no. Tired of sitting in jail on political charges and often on no charges at all while other Jews carelessly live their lives. Tired of living in the Jewish state that spends more on Arabs or kibbutzim than on religious Jews but blames them for deficits. Tired of seeing the state we longed for for two millennia going down.

Totalitarian states cannot be reformed. After the “democratic” 1990s in Russia, the KGB retook power. Totalitarian states have to be destroyed and then possibly rebuilt. Israel has every attribute of totalitarianism: pervasive security apparatus staffed by a single political group (the left), governmental and oligarchic control over economy, brainwashing in schools and media, and prejudiced courts. It would take a full-blown revolution, soaked with the blood of Arabs and Jewish leftists, to end the anti-Semitic state of Israel. What for? To have ultra-Orthodoxes vie with Orthodoxes over irrelevant regulations? To exchange leftism for religious hypocrisy? To have discredited rabbis run the country and ultra-Orthodoxes imagine themselves a privileged class of modern Levites? To allow rabbis the joy of being God’s partners and inventing more of their irrelevant rules? Thanks, no. Not worth the blood of good Jews.

We cannot make Israel, permeated by leftists, Jews-by-grandfather, and Arabs, into a Jewish state. The majority can accept a strong nationalist state, but not a Jewish state, simply because there are too few committed Jews around. We need a state of Judea. We cannot carve it out of totalitarian Israel, and so prefer that Israel abandon the settlements to the Palestinian state. We will carve Judea from Palestine.

We just want to be left alone. To teach our children as we think right. To observe our religion as we deem fit. To establish our own rules about welfare, gays, and Arabs. To ban Peace Now members to the fourth generation. Anything.

Jewish strata differ on basic matters. Orthodox, Conservatives, and Reformists will never come to an agreement; Reformism is Judaism to some, atheism to others. Leftism is anti-Semitism for some, a morally feasible policy for others. Some enjoy living with Arabs, others despise it. That’s about values. No consensus is possible, and none is necessary. Jews lived historically in isolated communities. Pharisees did not intermingle with Karaites, and even various Hasidic sects are contemptuous of each other. Israel, like other nation-states, wants to impose its will on all its subjects in every detail. That’s unjustifiable. Government should only take the tasks which the communities cannot pursue. Education, the admittance or exclusion of Arabs, and public violation of the commandments can be regulated on the community level rather than nationwide. Some communities might exclude Arabs and observe the Sabbath, others would welcome gays and barbeque pork on Sabbath. There is no legal reason to enforce moral uniformity.

Judea should not be an ultra-Orthodox state. Basic tenets should include severe limitation on the admittance of non-Jews and inviolability of borders. Other than that, the communities of Judea should be free to set their own rules on religious observance, which is obligatory for a community’s members. The communities could range from anarchist to ultra-Orthodox with every type of religious view in between. City boundaries protect every community from the culturally offensive behavior of outsiders.

That’s all we ask for: leave us alone. Continue with your socialist state if you like, just let us live as we wish. To work our orchards, educate our children, and enjoy our communities. We don’t even want to vote: elect Olmerts for yourself. We accept any jurisdiction: abandon our townships to the Palestinians and we will live as dhimmi under Abu Mazen. Big leftist Israel or Great Islamic Palestine, it makes no difference to us.

Leave us alone.