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America is not with Israel

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On May 29, 2012 @ 9:15 am In relations with Israel | 2 Comments

The Jewish lobby is a sham. It has achieved nothing. Despite the Jewish lobby, America didn’t help the Jewish refugees and victims in WWII, abandoned Israel in 1948, and planned to fight Israel on behalf of Egypt in 1956 and 1967. America gives Arabs more aid than Israel and supports immensely brutal Arab regimes, but remains sensitive to Israeli transgressions, arms Israel’s enemies, rejects moving its embassy to Jerusalem, and imposes on Israel the impossible terms of ceasefire. American allies among Arabs boycott Israel, support anti-Israeli guerrillas, prepare their armies against Israel, ban Israelis from their countries, sustain monarchies and religious exclusivity—and remain America’s allies. The US Administration’s logic is simple: it pays its enemies more than its friends.

American policies in the Middle East are irrelevant to Israeli needs. America pushed Israel to war with Syria when Syria threatened Jordan; it was only accidentally that Israeli and Syrian armies didn’t clash in Jordan, which the US Administration asked Israel to defend. The American invasion of Iraq was contrary to Israeli interests. No analyst in Israel imagined that the American war with Iraq would produce a stable, friendly government; even the US-propped Iraqi government remains hostile to Israel. America supplies massive quantities of advanced weapons to Israel’s Arab enemies, and does nothing to end the boycott of Israel by America’s Arab allies. The US did not prevent Pakistan from obtaining nuclear weapons, even though Wahhabist Pakistan is the largest existential threat to Israel, likely to supply nuclear weapons to anti-Israeli terrorists. Saudi Arabia, America’s close ally, financed Pakistan’s nuclear program. The US is somewhat opposed to the Iranian nuclear program because it threatens Saudi Arabia. The American defense of Kuwait proved that the US will go to great lengths for the benefit of its oil-rich clients; America never contemplated defending Israel even in dire situations.

Defending the petty sheikhdom of Kuwait with direct military invasion, but pushing Israel to abandon Judea and Jerusalem to the Arabs—that is American Middle East policy.

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