Soon we will start looking for someone to blame. How did Hezbollah managed to dig fortified underground bunkers 40 to 70 meters deep under Israel’s nose? How did Hezbollah accumulate dozens of tons of explosives? Thousands of missiles? Why did Israel tolerate Iranian military units in the Beka’a?

While gross negligence is a proper reason for firing many officials, we should not be blinded by that punishment. Israelis must look deeper. The real culprits are not the government or the general staff, but ordinary Israelis. Among the millions Jews,, who did not know that the Iranians are bankrolling and training Hezbollah and supplying it with arms? Who did not know that Hezbollah won the Lebanese elections and virtually legalized its paramilitary units? Who did not know that Israel is Hezbollah’s only enemy?

And yet Israelis remained silent. They watched in the comfort of their houses as the government raped the Jewish idea and dismantled Gush Katif. No more than 5% of Israelis went into the streets to protest the actions of the perverts who swapped Jewish land for vague Arab promises of peace. No demonstrations demanded uprooting Hezbollah. No Israeli group demanded a buffer zone in South Lebanon. None called for the preemptive strike against Iran. All Israelis share the guilt for the soldiers and civilians now dying.

Israel keeps her head firmly in the sand. She fights Hezbollah instead of Iran, like a dog bites the stick someone beats it with. Israel must recognize the moving force behind that stick: the enemy is Iran, not Hezbollah. True, Hezbollah is more than an Iranian proxy, a guerilla group in its own. The Iranians cannot manipulate Hezbollah. Suffice it for Israel that Iranians supply the missiles, and that supply should cease.

More significantly, Iran is developing a nuclear bomb. That production is dissipated is irrelevant. The Israeli Air Force just has more targets in Iran than in Iraq. Bomb them all. At any rate, reactors are targets. If someone fears Iranian retaliation now, let him fear Iranian nuclear retaliation for any imagined Israeli offense against Arabs later. Nuclear deterrence does not work with Iran. It sacrificed more of its people in the pointless war with Iraq than any Israeli nuclear strike would kill. Iran does not fear Israeli nuclear retaliation and will use its nuclear weapons when they become available.

Iran, moreover, provides a perfect platform for an Israeli settlement with the Arabs. Show of force in Iran, the strongest military power in the Middle East, will drive lesson home to Arabs. They readily give in to force: to the French, to the British, and to the Iranians in the Tunbs conflict, to name a few examples. Giving in to overwhelming force does not damage Arab perceptions of honor, but they will fight to death against a weakling. Also, they have a problem with the shiite axis the Iranians are creating now. The West is concerned with Iranian nuclear program and wants to teach illegal nuclear proliferators a lesson. Beside the rhetorial condemnations—Jews have gotten used to them over the millennia—everyone would welcome an Israeli nuclear strike against major Iranian nuclear facilities.