It’s all greed, greed and silliness. Iran receives 85% of its revenues from oil and gas exports and critically depends on import of gasoline. It is enough to stop the Iranian oil sales and gasoline exports to Iran to finish off that country and force any concessions from it. The West need not even suffer the oil price hike (nuclear-free Iran is very much worth a few extra cents per gallon on your local gas station): Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Central Asian countries would gladly supply the Iranian quota. The world will see it could live without the Middle East oil in part, and perhaps at all.

International media tout the Iranian middle class’ dissatisfaction with Ahmadinejad’s economic policies. That’s irrelevant. Paupers are happy that others are sinking to their level; paupers and radicals make the majority though they rarely give interviews or participate in polls. Crowds cheer at Ahmadinejad’s every speech.

Ahmadinejad’s allies fared poorly in local elections. That’s not a sign of distrust. He is a common type of charismatic leader, a lone wolf. Ahmadinejad could receive a windfall vote while all his allies lose elections. Many undeveloped societies are leader-oriented and show the similar result: president is swept into the office while his party loses parliamentary elections. Ahmadinejad is popular.

Iranians knew about his economic mismanagement at least since he was a mayor of Tehran. At that time, he also was annoyingly fundamentalist to the extent of removing some advertising billboards. Notwithstanding the middle class objections, Ahmadinejad was voted a president.

Impeachment is not realistic, and the next presidential elections are not in sight. Ahmadinejad basks in friendship of leftist leaders around the world. Russia and China substantially support Iran, and Western Europe hesitates to alienate it. Iranian parliament agrees with Ahmadinejad on the hard line with IAEA and UN. At the very least, ascetic Ahmadinejad could live without local or foreign ovations.

Don’t count on Iranian voters to do the job of the Western military.

The repeated American statements of no intention to attack Iran have adverse effect of provoking the rogue regime, rather than pacifying the region. The US doesn’t need to surprise the ramshackle Iranian army, and could safely make Iran an ultimatum. Iran launches missiles, expels IAEA inspectors, proclaims the objective of destroying Israel and harming the Great Satan, supports terrorists, and develops nuclear weapons. What of the above is not a sufficient casus belli? Instead, America remains bogged down in a proxy war in Iraq which Iran props to divert the US military from its nuclear program. The keys to ending Iraqi bloodshed are in Iran. Shiite guerrillas could obtain money through racket and oil trafficking, but critically depend on Iran for arms and support. To refrain from attacking Iran because of the Iraqi war is nonsense. Iran should be attacked if only to stop the Iraqi war. Besides the other good reasons.