The Emperor Manuel II was wrong to say that Islam brought nothing new except jihad. All ethical notions were formulated in antiquity, but new teachings appear continuously. Islam introduced many practical innovations and redefined many customs. Islam is not a groundbreaking theory, but a solid legal codex.

Pope Benedict was right. He illustrated his thesis of the strictly non-violent spread of religion with a pertinent quote. He brought a Byzantine Christian authority to testify against jihad.

The pope might seem politically incorrect, but religions are intolerant. There is no room for compromise. If Islam is right, then Christianity is wrong. The world was surprised by Dominus Iesus, but the future pope was only honest: he can’t but think Christianity is the only truth. Accordingly, other religions are lies, and Islam is a harmful lie. Fair enough. Jews didn’t protest.

Muslims expect special treatment. They act like mischievous children: praise me or I will misbehave. Go misbehave. Who cares? Break something and be punished. The West chooses appeasement.

Muslims of all ranks pour obscenities on Israel and America and call Christians crusaders at best. If Christians are crusaders, then Muslims are, guess who—jihadi. That part of the pope’s speech they didn’t like. Whatever.