A strange truce has Israel concluded with the Palestinians! The agreement includes a faction which did not fight Israel and excludes factions that did. Why the trouble of negotiating with Fatah? We could get a lasting truce with Iceland.

Israel waltzes with Gaza: in and out, in and out. Israeli rulers take the war for a party. Israeli soldiers fight determinedly one day, withdraw the next. They kill the enemy one day, yet are told to respect the peace partners the other day. Show resolve today and restraint tomorrow. A schizophrenia yard.

Olmert mumbled that Israel is a strong country, and . . . You thought . . . and could win? No . . . and could show restraint in face of the Palestinian attacks. And why won’t Olmert show restraint? His deserter children are not living in Sderot.

Normal nations fight minor enemies to total victory. Israel welcomes a truce with the Palestinians. What will Hamas and the PIJ do during the truce? Dismantle? Forge plows from machine guns? No, they will dig in along the Israeli border like Hezbollah did and will accumulate weapons and explosives now flowing from Egypt into Palestine. And strike again.