The campaign to abandon Israeli citizenship should not replace the attempts to change Israeli course. Realistically, however, Israeli course could only be changed through revolt. Leftists and Arabs form electoral majority and vote coherently. Israelis resigned to have ethnic-blind atheist state. Palestinians de facto created their state and could announce it any moment without Israeli approval. Most countries will recognize independent Palestine, and Israel will eventually follow the suit. Revolt is a viable option but very strong Shabak infiltrates anti-government organizations quickly, and subservient courts sentence Jewish suspects on no evidence. Revolutionaries in other countries faced similar problems, though to a lesser degree than in small, interconnected, totalitarian Israel. Few revolutions succeeded. Revolt is an option, but uncertain option.

While striving to change Israel by any means, Jews must prepare for the worst. If a Palestinian state is created and Israel continues down its leftist-oligarchic path, Jews need an exit strategy. First, we must be able to stay in Judea and Samaria. Second, we need a realistic option to attain autonomy or sovereignty. Jews will find it easier to confront Palestinian state than Israel. Palestinian security is weaker than Israeli, especially in terms of infiltrating Jewish organizations. Many Jews shrink from shooting other Jews, even the leftists, but have no problem opposing hostile Arabs. World opinion will side with the leftists in case of right-wing Jewish revolt, but many Gentiles and most foreign Jews will side with the Jews who revolted against Arabs.

Jews who abandon Israeli citizenship could stay in Palestine as stateless people. They are citizens of no state, and Palestinian government could evict them nowhere. Israel cannot pull stateless Jews out of the settlements because of the lack of jurisdiction. The world cannot object to stateless Jews remaining in Palestine, just like the Arabs live in Israel.

Once the Jews anchor themselves in Palestine, conflicts with Arabs will follow. With no Arabs killed by the IDF, world media will switch to showing Jewish villagers killed by the Arabs. Palestinian state will fail and slip into violence. Jews will expand security arrangements, increase autonomy of their villages, and slowly establish a network of refugee camps which is a state in all but name. Then we will only need to proclaim independence and connect the townships into a State of Judea.

The best crime is a legal one that uses loopholes. Abandoning Israeli citizenship is a loophole neither Israel nor the Palestinians can do anything about. They will know our next moves and still could not counteract them. In a couple of years, Jews can establish a state of Judea in Palestine and eventually push Arabs from the entire Judea and Samaria with the Hebron-like attitude.

State of Judea, a state for Jews renouncing Israeli citizenship