The Jews were commanded to exterminate the Amalekites, whose ancestors attacked the Jews many generations ago. Modern rabbis and the Diaspora establishment are all to eager to forget the rule: there is no statute of limitations for genocide. The children of other nations do bear the guilt of their parents. Jewish attempts to ingratiate themselves with Arabs or Ukrainians amount to a betrayal of their butchered kin. Khmelnitsky and other butchers cannot be absolved of their crimes. Even if legal codes don’t recognize that, Jews do. The passage of time didn’t prevent the Ukrainians from honoring Khmelnitsky and shouldn’t prevent us from judging him. Otherwise, in another 300 years the Germans might praise Hitler as a great statesman, and the Jews would again shrink from confronting the evil of their allies. Historians, involved with the characters they study, tend to paint rosy pictures, and something good can be found about any mass murderer of Jews.

A similar attitude is behind the positive portrayals of the Palestinians. Israel’s open society is easy to study; reports from Israel don’t make a journalist a promo queen. By contrast, the closed, besieged, and semi-dangerous Palestine is a journalists’ Mecca. Reports from Palestine are hard to disprove, thus sensations are easy to produce. Westerners know that it is normal for Jews to suffer; thus reports of the shelling of Israeli towns are not in demand. Israeli goodness is also established, and arouses no interest in Western audiences. The bloody suffering of the Palestinians is interesting because they suffer abnormally—that is, they suffer at the hands of the Jews, who are themselves supposed to suffer rather than inflict suffering. The Arab media, a major customer of the news agencies, demand negative reports from Palestine rather than positive ones from Israel. Journalists are closer to the Palestinians than to the Israelis, and sympathize accordingly with the Palestinians.

Whatever Israel does, the media will depict Palestinian suffering. Whatever is done to Israel, her leaders will find excuses for the perpetrators. However, the Torah teaches us Jews to avenge our suffering, ignoring the suffering of our enemies.