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A religion for atheists

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On July 4, 2007 @ 10:09 am In rogue Judaism | 5 Comments

Russians defend the Kremlin not because of any religious content, but because it’s a Russian national symbol. Jews likewise would do well to stop discussing the existence of God. For practical purposes, that’s irrelevant. The Torah is the Jews’ only national symbol. Judaism is the Jews only national goal. There is no other cohesive force that can hold a Jewish nation together. Observe Sabbath to a degree because for nineteen centuries the world urged you to abandon it. Don’t eat pork because for centuries your ancestors went up in flames on stakes for refusing to eat it.

The secular religions of Maoism, communism, or democracy are no better than Judaism. Indeed, Judaism is a secular teaching: the religious life of common Jews in Temple times [1] was largely restricted to thrice-annual Temple festivals. Judaism went to great lengths to forbid superfluous prayers for every occasion and sacrifices at every corner, and to that end centralized worship in the Temple. Judaism is a rational, reasonable, fully comprehensible set of laws for a comfortable, ethical life.

It is better to accept some political incorrectness like legal gender non-isomorphism than to question the Torah, the axiomatic basis of the Jewish people.

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