I’ve never had a problem with anti-Semites. It might not be smart to disparage Jews, and most charges against us are silly, but so what, there are many less-than-ingenuous ideas around. Besides, the Jew-haters’ charges are mostly a rationalization rather than rationale. In the same way, Jews attribute the hatred of Israel to Israeli Arabs to justify expelling them. Both Israeli Jews and foreign anti-Semites have a rationale, which they don’t like to declare openly: xenophobia.

Xenophobia is a powerful force, perhaps the major force behind a group’s cohesion. Xenophobia defines a group’s boundaries and pushes other groups away. Arguably, groups such as nations are a natural product of evolution: they compete, the fittest groups survive, other groups assimilate their winning traits, and humanity prospers.

I want my country free of Arabs and other significant non-Jewish groups. I therefore understand anti-Semites who want their countries free of Jews. Size does matter: we only monopolize a sliver of land, while Russian anti-Semites want a sixth of the earth. But for our purposes that difference is not critical. Every decent rabbi agrees that Jews must dwell alone; that’s what we were commanded to do. To dwell alone among foreigners is practically impossible: ultra-Orthodox Jews make their mini-Zions in Crown Heights and offend the locals, while others simply assimilate. Meir Kahane remarked that in any dispute between Jews and a local country club which excludes them he sides with the club. If Jews don’t want to isolate themselves—at least in ghettos, and preferably in Zion—then anti-Semites are useful in isolating them.

Of course, I dislike anti-Semites; it’s a matter of reciprocity. I only have two cheeks and cannot afford to turn either of them. But objectively they do useful work for the Jewish nation. Did the Germans? No, because they murdered Jews. A murdered nation cannot benefit from anything. But their pre-1941 policies of expelling the Jews were perfectly acceptable. It’s not my opinion only, but a point of contention between Zionists and Jewish Diaspora organizations. Zionists cautiously welcomed the early German policy of expelling Jews to Palestine, the haavara affair. The Diaspora organizations, on the other hand, fought for Jewish rights in Germany and called for an international boycott of the oppressor even though it was clear that Germany was bent on ridding itself of Jews. The Diaspora organizations significantly provoked the Germans into further persecutions in order to show the Jews they are not wanted there and to retaliate against the anti-German policies of world Jewry. Had Rabbi Wise & his company of renegades worked to convince German Jews to emigrate while that was still possible, and, better still, pressed the British government not to close our homeland to refugees, a lot of European Jews could have been saved.

Recognizing the anti-Semites’ right to expel Jews to where they properly belong, the land of Israel, I also expect them to recognize our right to expel the Arabs. In fact, transfer of the Arabs is the best way to realize the anti-Semites’ aspirations: when the Jewish state is safe from terrorists, it will be much easier for anti-Semites to push their Jews to emigrate here. There are smart anti-Semites; Dostoevsky is not the only example. They have to understand that their anti-Semitic policies have to be domestic only; their international policy must be friendly to Israel. Instead of supplying arms to Arabs, Russians should give them to Israel. They who wish to get rid of Jews have the strongest interest in making our state appealingly secure. The Germans, who are anti-Semites par excellence, understood the principle well and supported our state. It’s time for the anti-Semites of the world to wake up to reality: you can only push Jews out by helping us build a nice state of our own.