Brainwashed Israelis do not support radical options for making their state Jewish. Greece, Turkey, Poland, and Czechoslovakia expelled unwanted populations without compensation, by administrative measures under the threat of force. Israeli Arabs can be similarly deported to Jordan.

If, however, the Jews want once again to surprise the world by their political correctness, several peaceful options exist to push the Arabs out of Israel. They options are not exhaustive, and pressure on Arabs to leave may proceed among many lines.

Minor, but widely publicized violence. It is not clear how many Arabs were killed in Dir Yassin, but the story made about 600,000 Arabs leave Israel in 1948.

The pressure of public discussion of deportation. Faced with the possibility of forceful eviction, many Israeli Arabs will choose to leave with compensation.

Jewish organizations could procure Israeli Arabs visas and agricultural property in Third World countries where land is abundant. Paying $10,000 per head for the country’s 1.4 million Arabs to leave isn’t a high price to keep Israel Jewish.

Jews can buy Arab property. Real estate in Israel is more expensive than in many Arab countries, and Arab farmers could relocate handily.

Private communities can set rules for admitting new members and exclude Arabs. Existing towns can be divided into private communities and close themselves to new Arabs. To the same end, towns could be incorporated and adopt pro-Jewish charters and specifically admit new members by a council vote which Arabs won’t pass.

Jews should not both with the miniscule savings from Arab labor. Restaurants with a “Cooked and served by Jews” logo could charge a small premium. Goods and farm produce marked Avoda Ivrit (Jewish Labor) will find buyers. Jews can boycott manufacturers and service providers who hire Arabs. A still more politically correct way is to increase minimum salary to a level acceptable to Jews. A policy of bringing short-term immigrant workers without minimum salary requirements or pension benefits will also reduce job opportunities for Arabs. Rotating shifts of temporary workers from China and India would bring large numbers of their people in contact with Israel and help build stronger political relations with them.

Arabs should be expelled for disloyalty to the State of Israel. Participants in pro-Palestinian demonstrations or administrative detainees should be stripped of their Israeli citizenship. Israel should not close Temple Mount to Jews for fear of Arab riots. Instead, open the Temple site, provoke the riots, and expel the participants. Their families can join them in Jordan.

The Israeli army should admit Arabs and send them to the forefront to fight other Arabs and comb the Palestinian territories. Many will desert, and many will be sentenced for negligence and their citizenship revoked.

Israel may institute patriotic procedures unacceptable to Arabs, such as obligatory singing of the national anthem daily at schools.

Israel should have a single official language, Hebrew. Arabs who study in Israeli schools and universities must study in Hebrew. Arabs must learn the history of the Jewish state they live in. Strict tests will ensure that Arab students who fail Israeli history exams are kicked out of Israeli schools.

Israel must normalize her Arabs. Let them pay taxes like Jews do, and stop turning a blind eye to Arab misdemeanors. Arabs happily build huge villages without construction permits which take Jews years to obtain. Let the Arabs go through the same bureaucratic nightmare. Destroy illegal Arab buildings, just as the government destroys illegal Jewish buildings. Make Arab life in Israel less than the tax-free paradise they enjoy now.

Stop the absurdity of a Jewish state subsidizing Arab families. Arab fathers collect monthly government checks for their offspring. The Jewish state should not encourage Arabs to breed. To ease the shock for Israeli ethnic-blind democracy, welfare can be privatized. The private Jewish National Fund now holds the land and gives it only to Jews. A similar private entity could disburse welfare only to Jews. Welfare benefits could also be conditioned on army service or related to the amount of taxes paid; both options disqualify Arabs.

Many Arabs depend on inefficient farming. Israel could increase the land tax, making it prohibitive for Arab villagers. More efficient Jewish farmers will survive the tax rate. The Israeli government could cut income tax for farmers to offset the land tax hike. That way, the compound tax rate for Jews would remain the same but would increase drastically for Arabs who cheat on their taxes. Arabs won’t offset the land tax hike with the decrease of other taxes because they don’t pay taxes. Their effective tax rate will increase greatly.

These measures would stir the Arabs and prompt many of them to emigrate from Israel. In the end, we must keep Israel Jewish by whatever means necessary.