It is impossible to persuade young Jews to avoid marrying Gentiles for rational personal reasons. The pool of Gentiles is 400 times the number of Jews. Even the white Gentiles are a hundred times the number of Jews. Larger pool of prospective spouses means better chance to find a good one, especially that Jewish spouses are notoriously nagging, many are spoiled, and most are assimilated to the level of Gentiles. Non-Jewish spouses are no less nice, funny, and ethical than Jewish. Only two lines of reasoning could be advanced against assimilation: religion and hardcore nationalism, or fear and hatred. It makes sense to start with fear, and substantiate the resultant hatred with nationalism, crowning that ideological edifice with moderate version of Judaism.

Fear is simple to arouse. Polls indicate a degree of anti-Semitism from 17-20% in America to 25-50% in Western Europe to above 60% in Eastern Europe. Only thirty years ago, rabbi Kahane’s Jewish Defense League fought massive anti-Semitic violence in Brooklyn and Bronx. Only fifty years ago, Russians tried to eliminate the Holocaust survivors through planned starvation in Siberia. Only sixty something years ago, the most civilized country in Europe annihilated six million Jews with enthusiastic help of Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Romanians, Greeks, Croats, French, and scores of other nations. Jews were so assimilated in Germany; the Germans were so civilized. Zhabotinsky toured Europe in 1939, urging the Jews to leave for Palestine immediately; he warned of the impending mega-pogroms, specifically in Poland. The Jews who laughed at him were murdered three years later. Did the human mentality change in sixty years? in thirty? ADL annually registers more than 1,500 anti-Semitic incidents in the US alone. Attacks on Jews are commonplace elsewhere; Jews are murdered for being Jewish in France, Russia, and the United States. Radical anti-Semitic minority will act; nice and tolerant majority will tolerate the murders. In no country did its people take into the streets to demand the government ban on anti-Semitic groups. Anti-Semites, communists, and idealists alike side with oppressed Palestinians against Israelis – a euphemistical name for the Jews.

Jews thought themselves assimilated in 1492 Spain and 1939 Germany. Perhaps they were. Almost. The residual anti-Semitism flared under the government’s slightest bidding. How unlikely is such bidding now? Ukraine promotes Khmelnitsky and Petlyura as national heroes; the former killed proportionally more Jews than did the Nazis, and the latter killed more Jews than did any single group before him. Muslim countries, including Egypt at peace with Israel for thirty years, are seething with incitation to murder the Jews; there are 1.5 billion Muslims around. Britain instigated Arabs to murder the Jews in Hebron in 1929 and in several other massacres. Britain refused a German offer to release a million Jews for trucks, coffee and other militarily non-essential goods because Moyne didn’t want a million Jews to enter Palestine. Americans refused so little help as to bomb the death camps. Did that attitude pass? No. In 1967, the US Army was preparing to deploy against Israel to protect Egypt. Was that an odd aberration? No. America similarly threatened deployment against Israel during her 1956 war with Egypt. Americans were indifferent to Germans’ murdering the Jews, and progressed to being officially ready to kill Jews in 1956 and afterwards.

Likely, a Gentile spouse won’t murder you or betray to murderers – though scores of Germans divorced their Jewish spouses in the wake of Holocaust. Still, your Gentile spouse is a direct descendant of those who murdered Jews, and a relative of those who will murder Jews. Christians recall after two thousand years that the Jews murdered their religious figure Jesus. Jews have a shorter memory and try to forget how Gentiles have killed Jews in every generation. Better forget the Romeo and Juliet nonsense; in the day end, you will be treated – and murdered – as a Jew, by your Juliet’s relatives. In any quarrel, she will not quarrel with you – but with a Jew in you.

Jews forget the past and ignore the present. They betray the grandparents who went up in flames on the stakes and in crematoria manned by Gentiles or not stopped – easily stopped – by Gentiles. They marry the persecutors and the persecutors’ children. Every time you kiss your Gentile wife, look in her eyes. There, under the haze of sexual desire, lurks the hatred of generations – the hatred to Jews you try to forget you are.