Today a Ukrainian court heard an interesting case: a Jew vs. the president. The Jew claimed immorality and lack of legal foundation for the executive order of state honors for one Symon Petlyura. Most people are not familiar with the name. Shortly after WWI, Petlyura headed the Ukrainian army that massacred about 200,000 Jews. Characteristically, the Ukrainians were not content “merely” to exterminate the Jews, but often carved us up with knives and devised other torturous modes of death.

The Ukrainian president—the US’ darling—promotes Petlyura for his non-existent role in building the Ukrainian state. The official historiography vaguely acknowledges pogroms during Petlyura’s reign but relegates them to mob activity even though a French criminal court in 1927 found Petlyura guilty of genocide.

Ukrainian historians call Bogdan Khmelnitsky, another butcher, the avenger of the oppressed Ukrainian population against Jewish tavernkeepers and tax farmers—as if hundreds of thousands of massacred Jewish peasants had anything to do with a few tax farmers.

The previous president, Kravchuk, even apologized (Oh, thank you, Mr. President!), and the dishonest and conformist rabbinical establishment lauded him. As if the Jews need an apology from non-apologetic Ukrainian murderers who name towns and streets after Khmelnistsky and Petlyura, study an anti-semitic pamphlet called the Orlyk constitution in school, and prefer to forget about the Trawniki, thousands of Ukrainian scum who manned the German extermination squads.

The American-leaning Ukrainian president cannot state publicly that he promotes Petlyura specifically because he slaughtered the Jews. So the official line is that Petlyura either did not know of the massacres or did not control his army. The former is completely implausible, the latter disqualifies Petlyura as a prominent state-builder—the very reason the Ukrainians promote him. The US installed the Ukrainian president Yuschenko and props his extremely unpopular regime, virulently anti-semitic even in generally anti-semitic Ukraine.

Israelis think the Americans are our allies and will help the Jews. Think again.