Governments that jump on the bandwagon of criticizing Israeli brutalities in Lebanon forget the skeletons in their own closets.

France stocks close to three millions skeletons from its recent wars in Indochina and Algeria. Add French Jews shipped to Nazi death camps with enthusiastic support of the freedom-loving French people—freedom from Jews, that is.

China need not go abroad to satisfy its lust for blood. Mao’s government killed around fifty millions of its people, and the current semi-democratic government murders enough dissidents in jails to be timid talking about Lebanon.

Russia is another story.Incessantly murdering its own people and conquering its unfortunate neighbors for centuries, Russia never forgot to exterminate the Jews. Russians, including the Ukrainian variety, killed proportionally more Jews than did the Nazis. To that end, the Russians helped the Nazis as much as they could. They started by partitioning Poland so the main Jewish population centers fell to the Nazis. After the war, the diligent Russians tried to finish the Nazi job: in 1952, the Soviet government instigated pogroms and began deporting Jews to Siberia, exactly the place the Nazis initially earmarked for us.

The British had the good sense of voicing their humanitarian concerns mildly. So we need not recall how the Brits killed Chinese civilians in the Opium Wars or the Irish just recently.

The American president made nodded ritually to public opinion and said something good about Lebanese civilians. Perhaps he forgot how his father presided over the turkey-shoot of the fleeing, defenseless Iraqi army in 1991. Or maybe public opinion forgot about Dresden, Hiroshima, Vietnamese defoliation campaigns, and numerous other situations when Americans specifically targeted civilians.

The world tried to exterminate the Jews by various means for two millennia. Now the moral world chooses moral means. It wants Jews to be moral. Specifically, to be suicidally moral, to turn the other cheek to Muslims who are only doing what the Christians tried for centuries—kill off the Jews. So the Muslims are obviously right, and Israel is wrong to oppose them. The politically correct Christian world cannot say so much and concedes to Israel a ghetto-sized country, another maidan field where Jews should wait patiently while the firing squad gets ready. Jews should not make so much fuss about a few hundred missiles a day showering their ghetto. Hey, the Lebanese guerillas do not target American or Russian towns (imagine the kind of restraint the United States or Russia would show). Hands off the Lebanese people, Jews! Lay your hands on yourselves.