This is the land walked by Abraham. Moses looked at it, full of hope, from Mount Nebo. Joshua conquered it against the scouts’ better advice. Jewish kings fought here, and Jewish exiles returned from Babylon. This land is soaked in the blood of the Maccabean troops and Bar Kochba’s revolt. The land of Jerusalem, destroyed and strenuously rebuilt. Whether these are symbols or real events, they are engraved on Jewish souls.
The nations that killed tens of millions of people in recent decades in European, Asian, and African wars—who of them would hesitate to do away with a few million hostile, detestable Arabs who flooded their land?

Is Zionism racism? No, Judaism is racism, and Zionism is a dull reflection of it, whereas the vibrant Jewish racism is blurred by socialist internationalism and leftist political correctness. Judaism pronounces the Jews different, and others less sanctified, thus deficient in a major respect, the transcendent realm. Judaism demands the isolation of Jews from the outside world, which is less clean then we are supposed to be. Judaism is self-righteous and presumes others to be wrong. Judaism is a radical teaching, and rejects compromise about values or observance.
Intolerance isn’t bad. People, intolerant to drunkards, should be all the more intolerant toward hostile and abusive Muslims.

No countries ever decided their conflicts on goodwill, but only on the balance of power. The calls for compromise and accommodation in the Israeli-Arab conflict stem from moralism and rationalist fallacy, which presumes that chaos could be settled by negotiations rather than suppressing the chaos or wearing it down. Conflicts are solved through total victory or attrition, not talks. Besides, Israel has already compromised to the bones and core values by giving up Jordan in 1922. Judea is non-negotiable. Moses did not compromise with the Egyptians for better work terms, nor did the Maccabees negotiate with the Hellenists for relaxed Sabbath rules.
Israel is an irrational project conducted against all odds. Rational people without faith or vision cannot stir her course.

jewish land is worth arab enemies lives. Zionism is racism, but Judaism is more racist, and rightly so