Populism is entrenched in the Israeli Finance Ministry. 700 shekels ($164) proposed subsidy to families with three children and two working parents is ludicrous. Such families are the apogee of morality: the parents, hard-working and poor (with meager $1,000 income) still brought up three Jewish children (ugly, the subsidy also benefits Muslim families). They deserve much more from the state.

The Finance Ministry is wrong to push women to work. Jewish mothers are more important to Israeli society than semi-skilled workers. Jewish tradition takes precedence over political correctness, socialism, and feminism.

Foreign Minister Tzippi Livni sounded hopeful in Davos: Palestinian state in Judea “is achievable.” A horrible idea of surrendering the core Jewish land is the goal of Israeli Foreign Minister. Livni said that she “voted to uproot Israelis [in Gaza] in order to give peace a chance.” Not for a certain peace, not for the peace she was sure of, not based on the rational analysis: just to give a chance, to gamble with the lives of 10,000 Jews in Gaza. Shimon Peres, for his part, amused the serious crowd at the Davos Forum with a comic plan of Jewish economic cooperation with Palestinians, uneducated and lacking the work ethics. Or was he serious? On background of the mad Israelis, Abbas was refreshingly sensible at Davos. He demanded return of six million descendants of the 1948 Arab refugees to Israel – not to the Palestinian entity, and required Israeli citizenship for Arabs of Judea and Samaria while incorporating their lands in his state.

How could the Knesset discuss the impeachment when the president is yet to go to trial? He is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Knesset members want to usurp the judicial prerogative and prejudice the court decision. Lawlessness is so typical of Israel.

It wasn’t enough for the Israeli leftists to have Arabs on their election roll, to bring Arabs into the Knesset. Kadima-Labor alliance launched an Arab MK into the government to become a minister. Crucially, a minister. He has no assignment yet, not qualified to do anything, and needed for nothing. That’s just a show of brotherly – or brothel-ly – fraternity between leftist Jews and Arabs. If you’re honest, make Arab a Defense Minister. A Chief of Staff. A Mossad director. Pack and go back to Russian ghettos.