Olmert symbolically met Abbas on Shabbat, an act of political collaborationism meant as a slap in the face of religious Jews.

Olmert’s concessions will strengthen Hamas, not Fatah (as if supporting a PLO outfit were reasonable). Palestinians will see that though Hamas retains power and forms a government, Israel released the funds and freed the terrorist prisoners. The Palestinians will connect Israeli concessions with Hamas’ courageous struggle, not Abbas’ moderation.

Olmert consciously endangered Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria by offering to remove the IDF checkpoints. Now Muslim terrorists can attack the settlements easier. Jewish deaths? Olmert welcomes them. His enemy is the Jewish religious and nationalist movement, not Fatah. To drive the lesson home, Olmert cut government financing of Jewish religious and Zionist schools in half, a deduction unthinkable in civilized societies and intended as blackmail to keep the Jewish activists quiet about concessions to the Palestinians.

Bush’s bill to aid the Palestinian Authority prohibits aid to Hamas but gives it to PLO-Fatah. Unless Fatah fully expropriates the aid, the money will end up among the very Palestinians who voted overwhelmingly for Hamas. Is US aid intended to fill Abbas’ coffers? Fatah’s? To buy more weapons for the Fatah militia to drive the civil war in Palestine? Otherwise, there is no practical difference between aid to Hamas and to Fatah.