The Vietnam war was about containment; up to a point, it made sense, and the Americans fought it. The Iraqi war is plainly senseless, lacks any realizable political objective, drags on indecisively, and Americans don’t want the costs, human and material. Even a moderate 3,000 body count is too much for nothing.

Iraq might not be the major problem for the Republicans. Bush has failed and offended his voters on every issue – illegal and semi-legal immigration, welfare, tax cuts – but mostly he is blamed for the sluggish economy, just as Clinton was adored for a tax bonanza not of his making.

The Democrats might not withdraw from Iraq. That way, the Republicans could blame them for years: We were so close to victory and Islamic democracy.

Kurds will hardly get their state. Kurdistan spells tumult among the Turkish Kurds who would ask to join their brethren in Turkish territory. Turkey would agree to Kurdistan if Turkish Kurds were relocated there, but the politically correct West won’t have it. Iran would also prefer to control larger Iraq with Kurds rather than without.

The Iraqi affair will continue.