For all his failures, Bush has a chance to enter history as decent president. His political case is lost: the Democrats will uproot his policies. Bush lost on taxes, illegal immigration, and the war on terror. With a single executive order, he can still leave his mark on history: bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities.

Olmert lost the war in Lebanon. He is implicated in the shameful eviction of Jews from Gaza. His antiterrorist policies amount to hysteria. Olmert can enter history on a level with Menachem Begin by bombing the Iranian nuclear facilities.

The plutonium discovered in Iran provides a sufficient reason for the strike. Plutonium fuels weapons, not civil nuclear reactors.

After bombing the Osiraq nuclear reactor, the Israeli government said, “We again call upon them to desist from this horrifying, inhuman deed. Under no circumstances will we allow an enemy to develop weapons of mass destruction against our people.”

Olmert and Bush have nothing to lose and much to gain by attacking Iran.