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Horse races are more credible than elections

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On November 7, 2006 @ 12:49 am In United States | 1 Comment

I don’t follow internal US politics closely enough to bet on the elections, but my impression is that we shouldn’t expect significant changes in voter preferences. Politics in liberal democracies long since became a matter of faith. People vote Republican or Democrat often without a clue about platform differences. The parties’ programs blur and converge in the effort to hook more voters and repel none. Voters, like football fans, stand by their team no matter what. Neither Democrats nor Republicans can tell the nation how to end the Iraqi fiasco with decency.

Republicans did not pursue their tax-cut agenda, and have Bush for ballast. They lost a rare chance for thorough economic and security reforms and for enforcing basic societal values like children-oriented (not gay) marriage. While the total number of people who vote Republican might not decrease tremendously, a small margin will make the swing states Democrat. Still, many undecided voters could vote for the Republicans who have at least a semblance of a policy on Iraq.

The current American system of voting by state produces extremely biased results when the candidates are tied as has been the case between Republicans and Democrats for some time now. Countrywide proportional elections would be more just.

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