Per-capita aid is higher to Palestine than to Israel. Compared to GDP, the aid is also higher for Palestine. In any case, per-capita calculation is irrelevant; the aid is not consumed on a per-capita basis. Israelis are not some Africans who need one sack of rice or whatever per head. America pays for influence rather than helps Israel. “Aid” is an idealistic rationalization of the rational payments made to control the strongest power in the Middle East, and thus to influence the regional balance of power.

If, as is commonly asserted, the US aid levels have declined because Israel faces no major threat, why was the aid fixed at all after the Camp David Accords? The peace agreement with Egypt should have caused abrogation or decrease of aid. Instead, the aid peaked after Camp David. Besides, half of the aid was for civil purposes. Its decline only shows that the US lost interest in Israel, and the only reason is Israeli weakness.

Historical claims to the land are irrelevant. Israeli claims of “historical rights” are ridiculous. Arabs have lived on this land longer, and have firmer homestead rights. On the other hand, Egypt has no right to Sinai. Israel is stronger, and can annex Sinai just like she annexed Negev—also from Egypt. We want to take over Sinai not because we have any right to it, but because we want it for religious reasons, and are able to take it from Egypt. How important is Sinai for Jews? Our law was given there; would you consider Philadelphia important for Americans?

Why define Jewishness around “rational thought”? Presumably this means science, but do you consider Maimonides irrational? Large nations like the Americans, Germans, or Japanese will always outdo Israelis in science. Successes in rational thought have provided national definition to not a single nation or other group. Science is too fluid to make a boundary; religion and culture define the entities.

Islam is not invincible. The United States successfully did away with communism through propaganda and persistent pressure on the USSR to open itself to foreign influence. Western policy with Arabs is just the opposite. The West forsakes ideology for oil profits with politically devastating results. The West bows down to Muslim sensibilities instead of exploiting every crack, loophole, satellite channel, and movie to undermine Islam. Consumerism is stronger than fundamentalist religion, and Arabs will succumb to Western culture. Terrorists commit their acts to gain popular support. Arabs, if Westernized, would not support terrorism, and would asphyxiate the terrorists morally and financially.

To stop the spread of Wahhabism, stop financing Arabs. The United States and Europe channel extensive aid to almost-nuclear Egypt and terrorist Palestine, and buy oil from Saudi Arabia and Iran, which bankroll terrorists and radical Islamists. Russia can fully replace the Arabs as oil supplier, and Russia needs oil money to fight the Muslims within and near its borders. At least, the West must ban OPEC, an illegal cartel created solely to set up quotas and jack up the price of oil. Ultimately, terrorists and Wahhabites get their money through the activities of OPEC.