Honest Jews have two options: create a Judean state or change Israel. To change Israel, diagnose her illness: fearful indifference. Most Jews hate living with Arabs and hate giving away Jewish land. Faced with an immensely powerful government, they don’t hope to prevail. It’s hard to live with loss, so Israelis convince themselves that since the government is wiser than they are, living with the Arabs and giving away land is counter-intuitively fine. If only we show the Israeli masses a solution, a way of reaching our common ideals despite the workings of a treacherous elite, the masses would join our quest for a Jewish Israel. The policemen are also Jewish and detest the anti-Jewish Israeli government. They respect strength and lean toward the government but would join the people if the people were winning.

The solution is well known: non-violent (albeit not exactly peaceful) protest. Persistence is the key. A thousand people can be sent to jail for incitement and violation of public order. Fifty thousands cannot. The question is, are there a fifty thousand Jews ready to go to jail to keep our state Jewish?