Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Israeli Hardliners Launch a Petition in the US to Destroy the Iranian Reactor

Controversial Zionist group launched a sign-up for online petition to George Bush to immediately attack Iranian nuclear facilities

Taking lobbying into the streets, Israeli group asked the Americans to sign online petition to President to destroy Iranian nuclear program.

"Now that the Iranians began the enrichment of uranium, the world will never be the same again," says the group founder Obadiah Shoher. "Never before had the apocalyptic weapons fall in hands of a government that does not deal in the Mutual Assured Destruction. Iranian fundamentalists do not care of reciprocity; they do not fear reprisal; they will not hesitate to detonate nuclear bomb. A threat of passing the nuclear device to Iranian-sponsored terrorists will get Iran just any concession from the West. Indeed, Israel would rather evacuate to Arizona than risk Iranian A-bomb smuggled into Tel-Aviv."

Frustrated with procrastination of the Israeli government unwilling to disrupt the peace process and upset its foreign sponsors, the Israelis turned to the American people for protection - not only of Israel, but also of the entire free world. If no measures are taken immediately, the group believes Iran can produce and hide enough uranium in two months to make a nuclear charge clandestinely. According to Shoher, Iranian regime will invariably use its first A-bomb against the United States, the Great Satan in its terminology, and only the second or third - against Israel. rejects Iranian sovereignty based on the doctrines of proven malicious intent and extreme danger. The group argues against waiting for the United Nations decision which in any case would be greatly impeded by the fifty-one votes of Islamic countries, most of them afraid of Iran.

The group aims at collecting million signatures for the petition which is available online at

The group formed around Obadiah Shoher’s manifesto, Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict, and advocates realpolitik approaches to Arab-Israeli peace process. Yahoo and Google banned parts of website from advertising programs for “unacceptable content.”