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Hackers group attacks American Neo-Nazi web site, and plans for more

Unidentified hackers staged distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against Hackers claim to follow the guidelines set by Obadiah Shoher. denies affiliation with hackers, but lauds their job. More attacks to come.

Fed up with the government’s impotence in cracking down on Neo-Nazi and Islamist websites, international group of hackers decided to take the things in their own hands. Using nominally illegal but popular Internet technique of simultaneous pinging from millions of computers infected by otherwise harmless virus, the hackers will be shutting down hostile websites one at a time.

The attack against was launched today at 10a.m. EST, and within minutes brought the site down. The subsequent targets will be chosen based on ADL and MEMRI reports. The hackers aim at eventually crushing one anti-Semitic site a day.

Controversial Zionist hardliner Obadiah Shoher earlier justified lynching of Islamist mass media, “Enemies should be dealt with reciprocally, not liberally… If Islamic aims are unacceptable to the West and worth fighting, then propaganda supporting them is unacceptable… Neither the Israeli nor the American government would care if Shiites published a newspaper in London calling for overturning the Sunni regime in Afghanistan in the name of Islam, but they do care when the attack is aimed at them. There is no obligation to protect an enemy’s freedom of expression.”

For more information, contact the hackers at the anonymous address